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What happened to Tanzin Tisha?

by tbhad

The TBH Desk

The news of Dhaka’s popular actress Tanzin Tisha’s illness spread since morning. Some media claimed that she had attempted suicide.

However, the news could not be confirmed from her family sources. Later, Ahsan Habib Nasim, president of Abhinaya Shilpi Sangha, confirmed the news of her illness and admission to the hospital.

Today afternoon, it is known that the actress has recovered a lot. Returned home, Tisha made a post about her illness on her Facebook around 5:30 PM.

At the beginning of the long post, Tanzin Tisha wrote about her illness. Tisha wrote, ‘I saw some wrong news today and I want to clarify that to everyone. The fact is, I’d been suffering a lot from food poisoning last night, so I took a sleeping pill; Vomiting occurred as a side effect and went to the hospital for first aid. I am now completely healthy.’

Tisha also wrote, ‘If you talk about personal life, I have no objection. But I want to say one thing, I may have something to say about personal life too. If there are and who are trying to harm me, some people in the media, mention everyone by name, especially (my colleagues, managers, people in personal life) who have harmed me or are trying to harm me, I’ll mention every person by name very soon. I will hold a press conference.’

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