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The year of Jaya

by tbhad

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The year 2023 marked a splendid year for the renowned actress Jaya Ahsan. In addition to making her debut in Bollywood, she gained a series of accolades for her exceptional performance in “Ardhangini” and celebrated a decade in Tollywood.

Let’s take a look at some of the remarkable achievements that the actress has accumulated this year.

Jaya Ahsan poured her heart and soul into her role as a circus performer in “Beauty Circus”. Critics were utterly captivated by her performance, resulting in her winning the Best Actress Award at the National Film Awards 2022. This achievement marked a significant milestone, as it led to her securing the National Award for the fifth time.

As a Bangladeshi actress, she has firmly cemented her presence in Indian Bengali cinema. This year, her collaboration with Kaushik Ganguly and Srijit Mukherji generated considerable buzz. Her nuanced and charming performance in “Ardhangini” and her portrayal of a fierce and robust character in “Dawshom Awbotaar”, released during Durga Puja, carved a special place in the hearts of Indian audiences.

Jaya Ahsan had a bustling schedule in India this year, dividing her time between film shoots, advocating for movie releases, and attending premieres. She traveled to Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi to partake in the premiere events for her debut Hindi film, “Kadak Singh”. She received high acclaim in Indian newspapers, including being named one of the ‘breakout performers’ by Hindustan Times for her Hindi film.

Four films featuring Jaya Ahsan were showcased at the 54th edition of the International Film Festival of India, including “Kadak Singh”, “Ardhangini”, “Putul Nacher Itikotha”, and “Fereshta”. Notably, this marked the first time that her Iranian film premiered at this prestigious film festival.

Throughout her illustrious career, Jaya Ahsan has adhered to a single motto – her love for acting. “I am an artiste by choice, and this is something I want to pursue passionately with all my heart. I intend to remain dedicated to acting for the rest of my life because it completes me,” expressed the actress.”

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