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India respects the democratic process in Bangladesh: MEA Spokesperson

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UNB, Dhaka

India has reiterated that the people of Bangladesh will decide about their election scheduled to be held on January 7 next year.

“We have repeatedly highlighted our position on Bangladesh’s election…as well as this is something that people of Bangladesh have to decide themselves,” Spokesperson of Indian Ministry of External Affairs Arindam Bagchi told reporters at the weekly briefing in New Delhi.

He also said the people of Bangladesh and their democratic system will work this out. “I think I said it on many occasions.”

The MEA Spokesperson did not make any comments on media queries regarding rejection of polls schedule by a political party.

India made it clear that the election in Bangladesh is Dhaka’s internal matter and it is for the people of Bangladesh to decide their future.

“We did discuss very extensively regional issues and so far as Bangladesh is concerned, we shared our perspective very clearly,” Indian Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra told reporters in a media briefing in New Delhi recently after the 5th Annual India-United States 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue.

The 2+2 meetings signify the participation of two high-level representatives, usually ministers holding the Foreign and Defence portfolios, from the two countries.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin were the principal participants from the US side.

During the media briefing, there was a question asked on whether Bangladesh was discussed during the 2+2 Dialogue.

The Indian Foreign Secretary said it is not for India to comment on the policy of a third country. He said as a close friend and partner of Bangladesh, India respects the democratic process in Bangladesh and will continue to support the country’s vision of a stable, peaceful and progressive nation.

India earlier said they will continue to support Bangladesh’s vision of a “stable, peaceful and progressive” nation.

“It is for the people of Bangladesh to decide their own future. As a close friend and partner, we respect the democratic process in Bangladesh,” MEA Spokesperson said in a previous briefing.

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