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‘BNP can’t donate anything for this country’, states former leader Shahjahan Omar

by tbhad

Staff Correspondent, Dhaka

BNP Vice Chairman Shahjahan Omar who recently joined Awami League said, ‘BNP can’t donate anything for this country.’

He told the media on Thursday that a few people of BNP benefit if they do not come to the election. But we, who represent the people of each constituency, suffer losses.

‘So why do we lose? We have a commitment to people. What will be achieved by boycotting the vote again and again? I am going to the election from that thought.’ said this freedom fighter.

In response to a question, he claimed that he is not leaving BNP and joining Awami League due to any pressure. Rather, he retired from BNP politics last year by writing a letter to the party’s general secretary.

On the last day of filing the nomination papers with the boat symbol, he said, “I called an official and said that I want to meet the Prime Minister. He arranged. I went and greeted her and said, you had three brothers. Now if you think of me as the fourth brother that I have something to give to the country, then I will do it. Then she asked me whether I will participate in the election or not. I then said that not as an independent candidate, I would do it with the boat symbol. The Prime Minister smiled and said, Okay, I see.”

This former army officer said, Ziaur Rahman and Khaleda Zia are good people. But BNP is not where it used to be. Here now decisions are imposed from above. The standing committee cannot take any decision, it just implements decisions imposed without reasoning like goats.

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