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Towards stronger ties with Vietnam

Collaborating in these sectors can create a win-win situation

by tbhdesk

Bangladesh’s proposal to establish direct air links between Dhaka and Hanoi once again displays the nation’s intention of adhering to its foreign policy mantra and echoing Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s now iconic statement of offering “friendship to all and malice towards none.”

At a time when globalization and interconnectivity are paramount to any nation’s success and stability, especially for a developing economy such as ours, nurturing strong bilateral relationships with fellow nations is indispensable.

Vietnam has been on its own impressive economic trajectory, and its robust manufacturing base, particularly in textiles and electronics, aligns seamlessly with Bangladesh’s own strength in the textile industry. Collaborating in these sectors can create a win-win situation, where Bangladesh can tap into Vietnam’s expertise and scale.

Moreover, Vietnam’s strategic location within Southeast Asia provides Bangladesh with a springboard to access other dynamic markets in the region, including Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. This access to a broader consumer base can significantly boost Bangladesh’s exports and investments, fostering economic growth.

Collaboration in the fields of agriculture, technology, and tourism holds immense potential. Sharing best practices in agriculture, for instance, can help both nations to improve food security and ensure sustainable development. Additionally, partnerships in technology and innovation can facilitate knowledge transfer, skill development, and the growth of the digital economy.

To realize the full potential of this relationship, Bangladesh must continue to prioritize diplomatic efforts to strengthen ties with Vietnam. This includes trade agreements, policy harmonization, and initiatives to enhance people-to-people connections, such as cultural exchange programs and educational collaborations.

It is time to set the stage for a prosperous, interconnected future that benefits both nations and paves the way for shared success.

Source: Dhaka Tribune.

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