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Metro rail stone pelting case: Police yet to identify perpetrators

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A month has passed since a stone-like object was thrown at a window of metro rail’s coach which damaged its glass. However, there is no progress in the investigation of the case filed over the incident.

The miscreants who threw the stone have yet to be identified.

Even the law enforcers could not identify the house from which the stone was thrown.

The investigating officers cannot give any clear information in this regard. They say the matter is under investigation.

On April 30, a glass window of metro rail’s coach was damaged after a stone was thrown at it on the way from Agargaon to Uttara North station around 11am.

The estimated damage was around Tk10 lakh in the incident.

Md Samiul Kabir, assistant manager (line operation) of Metro Rail Line-6, filed a case in this connection accusing several identified people on May 1.

This was the first case filed under the Metro Rail Act 2015.

According to the Metro Rail Act, anyone involved in obstructing or causing damage to the movement of the Metrorail shall be punished with imprisonment of five years or a fine of Tk50 lakh.

Police say that after the stone pelting incident, the surrounding houses were being particularly monitored. Along with this, the intelligence units are also conducting their own investigation.

Members of law enforcement agencies have informed house owners and tenants of the adjoining houses of the metro rail line about the security of the national wealth.

They have also been informed that no one will be spared in a security issue next time.

Apart from this, several instructions have also been given regarding the movement on the roofs of the high-rise buildings along the metro rail.

In many cases, a restriction has been issued on drying clothes on rooftops.

However, a few days after the incident, metro rail Managing Director MAN Siddique said that the building from which the stone was thrown had been identified. No one was found in that building, all are absconding.

Law enforcement agencies will bring them under the law whenever they return.

Meanwhile, the CCTV footage was handed over to the law enforcement agencies, who were overseeing the matter.

In response to a question whether it has been possible to identify the building from which the stone was thrown and whether it has been possible to identify anyone, Masud Mia, additional deputy commissioner of police of Mirpur Division, said that the matter is being investigated.

“The investigation is ongoing. No one has been identified or arrested in this incident so far,” said the police official.

He did not make any further comment stating that the matter is under investigation.

The investigating officer of the case, Inspector (Operation) Abdul Baten of Kafrul police station said: “Several buildings have been identified from which the stones may have been thrown. Several people have been interrogated. So far, we have not confirmed anyone’s involvement. No one has been identified. However, this matter is being seriously investigated.”

MAN Siddique, managing director of metro rail, said that the security issues are being looked into. MRT police approval has already been received. When they start working, they can take care of these things more seriously.

He hoped that the law enforcement agencies will identify the criminal and bring them under the law in the case of damaging the glass of the metro rail by throwing stones.

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