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Suddenly Rizvi in Rajshahi, doubts and questions in BNP

by tbhad

Our Correspondent, Rajshahi

All the big leaders of BNP have been arrested one after another in various cases. Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, joint general secretary of the party, is now announcing various programs from outside. Among them, he was also seen marching with a small number of activists in Dhaka at various times.

That Rizvi was suddenly seen in Rajshahi on a foggy morning on Wednesday. He marched in support of the blockade with some leaders and activists in Terakhadia area, a little far from the main city.

No important local leader was seen in the procession with this central leader. Even they did not know priorly the news of Rizvi’s sudden visit to Rajshahi. As a result, this incident has raised many questions and doubts in Rajshahi BNP.

Mizanur Rahman Minu, adviser to BNP Chairperson, has always been important in Rajshahi politics. When asked to know, he claimed to Bangla Herald that he did not know about this program of the Central Joint Secretary General. He does not even know when he came, is, or has gone.

Another important leader of the local BNP told Bangla Herald on condition of anonymity, “We are the leaders of Rajshahi who cannot carry out the program properly, have to run away. There, a leader of his (Rizvi) caliber came here from Dhaka without any problem, marched here – this is very unusual.”

Rizvi gives a new deadline, Press release of BNP claims 

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, Senior Joint Secretary General of BNP, said that the divided Awami League is once again going ahead with all the plans to take away the voting rights of the people in a terrorist manner. However, all the democratic parties of the country including BNP will join the final movement and thwart all the wrong attempts to restore democracy. People are uniting to save the country from one-party rule.

Rizvi said these things after the rally in support of the blockade initiated by Rajshahi District Juva Dal and District Chhatra Dal. On Wednesday at 7 am, the procession started from the front of Terokhadia Stadium in Rajshahi city and ended at Dabatala intersection of City Hat Road. This information was informed in the press release sent by BNP.

After the rally in Rajshahi, Rizvi said that the anti-democracy leaders-activists and supporters will not be put to jail this time. On December 6, 1990, dictator Ershad was forced to resign as he could not survive public outrage. This government will not be able to survive public anger. They will fall in the month of victory (December). They have to resign in the face of intense agitation.

Rizvi led the procession as the chief guest. In addition, the health affairs secretary of the BNP National Executive Committee, Professor Dr. Rafiqul Islam, member secretary of Rajshahi District Juva Dal Rezaul Karim, joint convener Saddam Hossain, Shahnewaz Khurshid Rizvi and others.

Why is Rizvi suddenly in Rajshahi?

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi was a student leader of Rajshahi University. His maternal grandparents home is also here. As such, even though he does not have a direct role in local BNP politics, he always has an indirect influence.

But, the question is, Rizvi, who seldom goes outside Dhaka, why did he suddenly visit Rajshahi this time without informing anyone?

Shahnewaz Khurshid Rizvi, joint convener of Rajshahi District Juva Dal, claimed that the activities of local top BNP leaders have not been seen in the ongoing movement for quite some time. He said, “There is an influential central leader here, who got big responsibilities while in the government, but now he is not allowing the party to organize here on various pretexts. Even after launching the movement, he is voluntarily keeping quiet on the basis of understanding with the government.” That is why Rizvi has come to strengthen the party leaders and workers, he claims.

The son of a recently deceased central influential leader of BNP told Bangla Herald on condition of anonymity, “Mizanur Rahman Minu did politics in Rajshahi with an understanding with the mayor and presidium member of Awami League Khairuzzaman Liton. A close family relationship exists between them. These two leaders also advise each other. Because of this, the people of Minu also get the share of various development works. Shafiqul Haque Milon, former president of City BNP, did land business with good relations with Awami League. As a result, when there is a movement, they are silenced.”

The leader claimed that for these reasons, Ruhul Kabir Rizvi came to Rajshahi and marched to reassure the activists.

Although Mizanur Rahman Minu denied these allegations and claimed that a section of the party is making these allegations to create division within the movement. He said, “Although I have a good relationship with everyone, I never do politics by understanding with anyone, everyone in Rajshahi knows this.”

A source close to Ruhul Kabir Rizvi in local politics said that there is another reason behind his sudden visit to Rajshahi, that is to meet former district BNP General Secretary Matiur Rahman Montu, who was once known as his close friend.

Montu recently joined the new party BNM and got nominated from Rajshahi-3 constituency. The source claims that Rizvi’s visit is to try to convince Montu to return him to the party or take any anti-government statement from him.

Although several local BNP leaders claim that Rizvi’s relationship with Matiur Rahman Montu is so close that they do not believe that Montu switched parties without informing him.

According to them, Rizvi came to Rajshahi without telling anyone to give instructions to his followers to work secretly on behalf of Matiur Rahman Montu in the election.

Rizvi broke his own blockade!

Several leaders of the district Juva Dal said that Rizvi reached Rajshahi from Dhaka on Wednesday morning with a Jeep amid the blockade, which was announced by himself. His visit was mainly organized by Nasir Hossain Osthir, who is the son of late BNP leader Kabir Hossain. Ruhul Kabir Rizvi left for Dhaka in a separate car in afternoon.

However, sources refused to give any information about where he was during this period or with whom he met.

The house of party leader Sultan is next to the place where the BNP procession started in Terakhadia area. Sultan said, a procession of Chhatra Shibir started from the same place. Within five minutes, he heard BNP slogans. He said, “I came out and saw the procession leaving while chanting BNP slogans. Later I learned that Ruhul Kabir Rizvi was leading that procession.”

When asked Rajshahi City BNP convener Advocate Ershad Ali Isha, he expressed surprise at first. He repeatedly asked whether Ruhul Kabir Rizvi had really come or not. At one point he told Bangla Herald, “As far as I know, he has not come. You do a good search again.”

Later, when he was contacted again after receiving the press release of BNP, he remained silent for a while and said, “I don’t know about the matter. Even if he comes, I don’t know.”

When asked if it was normal that they did not know about the arrival of the central leader, he said, “There is definitely a reason. We will talk about it later.”

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