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BNP is trying to thwart fair elections: DB chief

by tbhad

Staff Correspondent, Dhaka

Regarding the human chain called by BNP on December 10, Additional Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Intelligence Police (DB) Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid said that a party is trying to thwart the free, impartial and fair election by not coming to the polls following the schedule announced by the Election Commission. They are the accused in various cases including the police murder case.

He said this while talking to reporters at his office on Minto Road in the capital on Thursday afternoon.

When asked whether BNP has taken the permission of the Election Commission regarding the human chain, Haroon Or Rashid said, “I cannot say whether it has taken the permission or not.” However, I think they are not conducting the election according to the schedule announced by the Election Commission. So why should they ignore the Election Commission.

The chief of intelligence said that since the announcement of the schedule, we are working under the guidance of the Election Commission. Those who want to disrupt the elections, set fire to vehicles at various places, obstructed the movement of vehicles, attacked the police, vandalized the cars of Rajarbagh Hospital, attacked the Chief Justice’s bus building, obstructing the fair elections. But now they are sabotaging the siege again.

If BNP tries to do human chain without taking permission. When asked what action will be taken then, he said, if any party wants to human chain the accused in various cases without taking the permission of the higher authority. There is no obstacle for the law enforcement agencies to arrest them.

DB chief said, the work of the law enforcement force is to ensure that no one can harm people’s lives and property, and that no one can create obstacles in free and fair elections. Besides, the regular work is to arrest the accused under the warrant of various cases.

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