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Minister: 8,000 people removed from list of freedom fighters

by The Bangla Herald

Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque revealed that around 8,000 individuals have been removed from the list of freedom fighters due to discrepancies in their claims.

He made these remarks while responding to queries from journalists after paying respects at the Mujibnagar Memorial, ahead of the rally commemorating Mujibnagar Day in Meherpur on Wednesday.

Addressing the issue of ensuring accuracy in the compilation of the list of liberation war veterans, the minister highlighted the existence of verification committees at the upazila level across the country.

These committees oversee the authentication process, with verified cases forwarded to the National Freedom Fighter Council for final approval.

The resulting Freedom Fighters Gazette is then published. If any individual is found to have falsely obtained the status of a freedom fighter, their designation is revoked upon complaint or detection by the ministry, backed by evidence.

Mozammel emphasized the strict protocols in place to prevent fraudulent claims, adding: “There is no room for false claims in becoming a freedom fighter. While deception may seem convenient in today’s age, we are vigilant to such attempts. Any specific allegations will be thoroughly investigated and addressed accordingly.”

Regarding the significance of the Mujibnagar government, Mozammel underscored its historical importance as the first government of Bangladesh.

He elaborated on plans, under the prime minister’s leadership, to elevate Mujibnagar into a world-class tourist destination, preserving the legacy of the Liberation War era government.

Mozammel outlined the steps taken in this regard, including consultations with stakeholders at all levels and the formulation of an initial project proposal.

He announced that the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) would soon review the project for approval.

Anticipating Ecnec’s endorsement, he pledged to commence work promptly, aiming to inaugurate the transformed Mujibnagar as an international tourist hub by the next April 17.

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