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Casino scandal: Enu-Rupon sentenced to 7 years in prison

by tbhad

Staff Correspondent, Dhaka

In the casino case, Enamul Haque Enu, the vice president of Gendaria Thana Awami League and his brother Rupon Bhuiyan, deputy general secretary of the same committee, have been sentenced to seven years in prison in the money laundering case. Besides, their assets have also been ordered to be confiscated. The court ordered on Tuesday (November 28).

Earlier, on September 25, 2019, more than Tk 5 crore, 8 kg gold (700 bhari) and six firearms were recovered from the house of Enu-Rupan and their two accomplices. In this incident, 7 cases were registered in Gandaria, Sutrapur and Wari police stations. But they somehow managed to fly away.

Later, on January 13, 2020, the CID department of the police arrested them. 40 lakh cash, 12 mobile phones, house documents and bank documents were recovered from them. At that time, a total of 22 land documents, 5 car documents and 91 bank documents worth 19 crore rupees were recovered.

These two brothers built a mountain of money mainly through casinos. The court ordered them to confiscate those properties.

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