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A new blueprint for false information and propaganda surrounding Bangladesh elections

by tbhad

Special Correspondent, Dhaka
When Bangladesh is standing very close to the 12th National Parliament elections, a group has entered the field with a new propaganda blueprint. This election is facing the prospect of highly competitive elections in most of the constituencies. However, the group working on behalf of BNP-Jamaat has adopted the strategy of spreading false propaganda from outside the country by giving fabricated information about various organizations of the state, according to intelligence sources.

According to multiple intelligence sources, there are some expatriate Bangladeshis as well as some Indians identified with this process. These Indians have been accused of spreading propaganda against their own country at various times. The Indian arm of this syndicate is working on far-reaching plans to create fresh unrest, mainly in the Northeast region of India. As a part of this, they want to create an unstable situation here by creating controversies over the elections in Bangladesh.

Sources said the Indian arm of the syndicate once helped by providing news and information against separatists in the Northeast of their country. Due to that, separatist leaders also developed a good relationship with them. A few days ago there was a peace accord has been signed with a part of the ULFA, but the parts of the separatists who remained outside of it are continuing to try to start new activities. It is suspected that those Indians involved in spreading false information and propaganda about Bangladesh elections are involved in this segment.

Sources also said that a western country is spending their money and capabilities behind this whole process. They have set some of their own people inside Bangladesh as well. The involvement of several business groups linked to Jamaat-e-Islami was found in this process. Besides, there is evidence that they are in regular contact with an influential central leader of the ruling party living in the northern part of the country. The leader and his family have a business partnership with Jamaat-e-Islami business establishments.

According to sources, the syndicate is now working as part of the blueprint to make Awami League alone in the post-election period. That is why they have entered the field with a strategic plan against some important leaders of the allies of the ruling party.

At the same time, it has planned to spread propaganda about them, the main objective of which is to make the election controversial. As a part of this, they have adopted the strategy of spreading baseless information involving the Election Commission and various agencies of the country.

An official of an important intelligence agency of the country said, this blueprint has come to our knowledge. We are cautious about this. However, there is no opportunity to exempt anyone if there is a conspiracy against the country.

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