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I miss everything about my country: Srabonty

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Ipshita Shabnam Srabonty is a former dancer, model and actress in the country. She entertained the audience with her dazzling appearance on the small screen for over a decade since 2010.

Srabonty acted in many popular dramas, including ‘Ekannoborti’, ‘Sixty Nine’, ‘Nurul Huda Ekoda Bhalobeshechilo’ and ‘Jochnaar Phul’. She also appeared in a film titled ‘Wrong Number’. She was last seen in the drama ‘Dalimkumar’ directed by Nurul Alam Atique.

The actress now lives in the USA. Though this popular artiste has been absent from the showbiz industry for the last 13 years, she is still in the minds of her fans. The ‘Ekannoborti’-famed actress came to the country in April and will go back to the USA on August 17.
The actress spoke to the Daily Sun recently. Here’s a glimpse of the conversation…
How are you?

Alhamdulillah, I’m doing well. This time I stayed for a long time in Dhaka. I’m now spending a busy time with last-minute work as I’ll soon go back to the USA.

What do you miss most about Bangladesh?

I miss everything about my country. Especially, I miss rickshaw riding, rain, and hanging out with friends. I’m also doing well in the USA. I’m living with my two daughters Rabiah Alam (11) and Areesha Alam (8). We are happy and enjoying our lives there.

You have been absent from showbiz for a long time. How does it feel?
The environment in the showbiz industry was quite different. The industry has changed a lot. Now I don’t feel comfortable doing work here. I don’t even feel at home giving interviews, because I’m not attached to the media for a long time.

Will you return to acting in the future?
I don’t think I will be acting again. I don’t have any interest in working in the media again. But we never know what will happen next.

You are very active on social media. You are often seen making reels.

I like to do that. I enjoy making reels and posting those on social media. As I like to interact with my fans. I don’t think of myself as a star. The audience makes us who we are. We should not forget them.

You got a degree in medical science in the USA. Are you doing any job there?

I completed the certificate course for medical assistant in 2021. My girls were very little at that time. That’s why I could not do any job. I’m going to start work after returning to New York.

Have your daughters ever watched your dramas? What were their reactions? Do they have any interest in the media industry?

My daughters sometimes feel shy when they watch my old dramas. But they appreciate their mother’s work. If they want to work in the media industry I have no objection.

You also acted in a film. Your film ‘Wrong Number’ opposite Riaz Ahmed was very popular. Do you see any changes between the previous films and the films being made nowadays?

Yes, of course. There are a lot of changes. From storytelling to acting to technology everything has changed. Good films are being made in the country now. The audience is returning to the hall again. It’s a good thing.

Have you watched any films in Bangladesh recently?

I watched three films— ‘Priyotoma’, ‘Prohelika’ and ‘Shurongo’— at the cinema hall. Each film has a different storyline. I enjoyed all the three films.

Which actors of this generation do you like?

I like the acting of Siam Ahmed, Tasnia Farin. I want to mention another actor named Musfiq R. Farhan. I watched several of his dramas and I really liked his acting.

Do you want to say anything to your fans?

I feel extremely honoured and humbled that people still remember me and show me so much love. It means a lot to me. Please pray for me and my daughters that we will stay healthy and happy.

Source: The Daily SUN.

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