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Enigma of hospitalised Pori Moni and injured Shariful Razz

by tbhdesk

Silver screen celebrities Pori Moni and Shariful Razz have consistently been grabbing headlines with their foibles, mostly related to their marriage.

Nowadays, their activities unfold like scenes from a movie. If they are elated with each other in the morning, media outlets have to carry reports of their possible separation in the very same evening.

Thus, the couple remains in the eye of public attention, with an outpour of criticism on social media platforms.

They were separated for several months. But there was a glimmer of hope regarding their reunion since Thursday morning when some stills went viral on social media showing them together.

On the following day, Friday, it was learned that Shariful Razz left Pori Moni’s place. Later, the actress was admitted to hospital with high fever in the evening. In the next scene, someone posted a picture of Shariful Razz on different Facebook groups, showing him with blood-soaked bandage on his head.

However, a mystery shrouded the image as there were no further details regarding his injuries.

Earlier, Razz returned to Pori Moni’s place in the capital’s Bashundhara area, putting aside past grievances, and told the media that they were enjoying quality time with their son.

The situation took a dramatic turn within a single day as Razz was hospitalised with critical head injuries, while Pori Moni went to hospital with high fever.

A week back, Pori Moni celebrated their only son’s first birthday in a hotel in Dhaka, with the participation of her close ones. But there was no Shariful Razz at the event.

Then the stills came into the scene, and one of them showed the couple in an intense embrace.

Their relationship was not in a good state for a couple of months, with both sides sharing their perspectives in media outlets. In a conversation with Prothom Alo on Thursday night, Shariful Razz said, “I am playing games with Rajjo, spending quality time with him. I found him after many days. Rajjo is also enjoying my company, he is laughing and playing.”

Contrary to these reports, a reliable source said Pori Moni has been suffering from fever since Thursday night, and her condition started to deteriorate the next morning. Later, she was hospitalised in the evening.

The source also said the Facebook images do not reflect the reality of their relationship, and the chasm between them remains unchanged.

Source: Daily Prothom Alo.

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