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Youths consider Sheikh Hasina source of their inspiration

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As world leaders have showered applauses many times on Sheikh Hasina for her overall leadership to make Bangladesh into a middle-income country in a very short span of time, the youth folks found her as a torchbearer for her courage, dynamism, farsightedness and love for people.

As UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently said he is following Sheikh Hasina for many years as she is a successful economic leader. “Sheikh Hasina remains as a great inspiration for my daughters and they want to be great leader like her,” Sunak said.

Former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also praised Sheikh Hasina for her invaluable contribution to world peace and security side by side with stellar development of Bangladesh.

“Based on the vision of Bangabandhu, Bangladesh, under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has emerged as one of the fast-moving countries in the world,” according to Moon.

Many world leaders including incumbent UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Former Indian President Pranab Mukherjee rallied with world leaders in appreciating Sheikh Hasina for her leadership at home and abroad particularly making a poverty-riddle nation into a middle-incoming one.

According to country’s youth folks Sheikh Hasina has appeared to be a source of inspirations for them in fighting all odds and reaching the zenith of success as she stands out as a key figure over the years since independence through her extraordinary and courageous leadership.

Talking to BSS on her 77th birthday leaders of a number of youth organizations said, “In a world where youths constantly seek role model and source of inspiration, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself appears to be such an iconic figure for them,” said Mir Hasibul Hasan Rishad.

Rishad, president of Jahangirnagar University Debating Society (JUDS), said, Sheikh Hasina’s journey is a testimony to determination, perseverance and commitment to turn the youth folks into able citizens to cope with the modern world.

“To youths, Sheikh Hasina represents more than just a political leader; she is a source of inspiration and a symbol of resilience,” he said.

Sheikh Hasina’s dedication to empowering women, improving education standard, driving economic growth, and addressing climate change have left an indelible notion for young generation, Rishad said.

Rafiya Rahman, former general secretary of Jagannath University Science Fiction Society, said, she considers Sheikh Hasina as one of the best contemporary world leaders. Sheikh Hasina in a real sense has emerged as a role model for youths today for her visionary leadership.

She pointed out Sheikh Hasina’s different youth friendly initiatives including creation of employment opportunities, promotion of small entrepreneurships, business startups, women empowerment and their safety.

“All these initiatives helped reducing unemployment, increasing women’s participation in workforce as well as growing youth’s interest in politics, social and cultural activities,” she said.

Rafiya, also a master’s student of Islamic Studies, said: “In a nutshell we want an equal society where men and women will enjoy equity at every sphere of life and Sheikh Hasina has made it possible for us.”

“We feel proud to have a great leader like Sheikh Hasina who successfully implemented various international standard megaprojects including Padma Bridge with domestic funds, Elevated Expressway and MRT to improve standard of life of the people of Bangladesh overcoming all local and global challenges.

Fouad Hosen, general secretary of Dhaka University Debating Society, said for the charismatic leadership of Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh achieved an unprecedented progress in socio-economic sector which was once unimaginable to all.

The progress has brought pride for the nation as well as inspired the youth to make their all-out strides for the betterment of the nation.

“We entered the nuclear power, satellite and digital Bangladesh era led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Padma Bridge is a clear demonstration of our economic strength. Anyone from any corner of the world has to believe now Bangladesh can dream bigger and make it possible”,” he said.

In the age of Indo Pacific Strategy and great power rivalries, Bangladesh managed a sustainable extra-regional linkage with countries like India, USA, China and Russia. Theses helped our economy booming a lot. This is so difficult to manage but Bangladesh did it, he said.

Naim Hasan, a fifth year student of Dhaka medical College, said transforming Bangladesh into a middle-income country from abject poverty level within a decade was not so easier.

It happened due to the adoption of a courageous and progressive development strategy under the visionary leadership of Sheikh Hasina, which ultimately has put Bangladesh on the path to rapid growth along with structural transformation and significant social progress, he said.

Anik Dhar, general secretary, Dhaka University Cultural Society and a master’s student of pharmacy department, said Sheikh Hasina has been leading the country for nearly 15 years continuously and major success and achievements of Bangladesh have come under her leadership.

Bangladesh has evolved from a low-income country to a developing nation raising the country to a unique height in the world in terms of dignity and respect, he mentioned.

Despite being a densely populated country, Bangladesh under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina has become an example of development to the world in all spheres particularly in terms of intensive and integrated disaster management, poverty alleviation as well as bringing positive changes in social and economic areas.

Source: BSS

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