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Three cyber offenders tarnishing country’s image

by tbhad

Three lunatic cyber criminals and fundamentalists have sided with the war crimes convicts and accused. The trio is criticising the execution of war criminals by spreading propaganda and distorted videos on social media.

The lunatics — Abu Reza Ahmed Faisal Chowdhury Suyeb, a so-called anti-nationalist and misguided journalist; Pinaki Bhattacharya, a self-proclaimed agnostic; and Taj Hashmi, a misguided analyst and an atheist — are harmful for Bangladesh as well as the host countries.

Their brains are obsessed with ideas of spreading rumours and telling lies about the country and government. Sitting abroad, they are obstructing the development of Bangladesh, tarnishing image of the country and engaging in conspiratorial propaganda.


None of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangabandhu family, BNP chairperson and acting chairman, political parties, Hinduism, Islam, Quran, Allah and God is spared from their criticism.

There is a great similarity between the works of the trio that they take the side of the war criminals and spread militancy in the country.

Talking to this reporter, a police official said the lunatics are abusing freedom abroad to speak whatever they like on social media platforms. They are plotting to obstruct the development of the country, tarnish its image and turn it into a failed state and create a congenial atmosphere for war criminals and militancy. Some of the culprits are linked to international militant outfits IS and Hizb-ut-Tahrir. Some of them are also suspected to be paid agents of Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistani intelligence agencies.

Reza Ahmed Faisal Chowdhury alias Suyeb

Reza Ahmed Faisal Chowdhury alias Suyeb, hailing from Patli village in Patli union of Jagannathpur upazila in Sunamganj, is on the list of top anti-state cyber criminals. He was once managing director of the Europe office of Channel i in London. Although he was terminated from the job, he is still abusing the channel’s identity. When he was in the country, he married a physician named Anwara Ali through fraudulence.

Later, he went to London and married a fourth-class employee of his office, sparking criticism in the Bengali community. His second wife has also abandoned him due to his chaotic and abusive nature. The godfather of womenisation and militancy is now residing in London. Suyeb has taken citizenship there.


He currently runs an infamous Facebook page called Channel Europe and makes provocative statements against the Bangladesh government, judiciary, army, ruling Awami League and different industrialists and businessmen.

The Channel i authorities have removed him from its Europe office.

Replying to a query, a senior official of the channel said: “Suyeb has been removed from the Europe office for his failure to show account of income and expenditure, embezzlement of money and public statements in favour of war criminals.”

To overcome the financial crisis, the overambitious has launched a Facebook page running an online programme called ‘Straight Dialogue’. The talkative often comes live and vomits indecent and anti-state speeches.

Without having any viewers, he posts the videos on YouTube and Facebook in the hope of getting likes and comments. He is also a regular analyst at the Canadian infamous YouTube channel and Facebook page Nagorik TV. The main job of the so-called journalist is to spread propaganda against the government, the Prime Minister, industrialists and various established businessmen. He has been lying against Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar.

In addition, the self-proclaimed scholar hurls abuses at Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal, Law Minister Anisul Huq and IGP Dr Benazir Ahmed, S Alam Group Chairman Mohammed Saiful Alam, Exim Bank Chairman Nazrul Islam and Padma Bank Chairman Chowdhury Nafees Sharafat. Suyeb was defeated in mayoral polls in Tower Hamlets in London by getting ridiculous number of votes. He put Conservative Party in a farcical position. Earlier, his first wife contested such polls.

Cyber criminals Barrister Sarwar Hossain, M Rahman Masum, Tito Rahman and Nazmus Sakib regularly take part in his ‘Straight Dialogue’.

Asked about Suyeb, a senior journalist from Sunamganj said, “Suyeb is a tout and a mischievous person. None of Sheikh Hasina, Sajeeb Wazed Joy, Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman is liked by him. He seems to be the only honest person in the world and all others are bad. However, he has been removed from the responsibility of Channel i for embezzlement of money. Now, he pretends to be big news analyst, showing erudition in all matters.”

Terming Suyeb a lunatic, he said Suyeb has no footing. He is neither a BNP supporter nor an Awami Leaguer nor a leftist. He does not know what to say and what to do. In the hope of getting cheap popularity on Facebook and YouTube, he goes crazy all the time.

The crazy people like him should be ignored. Suyeb used to work in a small room at Channel i’s Europe office and invite various people and collect money from them and take other undue advantages. Losing that job, he comes live on Facebook and speaks like a mad.

Pinaki Bhattacharya

Dr Pinaki Bhattacharya is the eldest son of late teacher and cultural personality Shyamal Bhattacharya of Bogura Zila School. His mother’s name is Supriti Bhattacharya. His brother Apurba Bhattacharya lives in Dhaka and sister Bulbul Bhattacharya in Bogura.  Pinaki was ousted from house by his father for speaking against traditional religion, politics and religious harmony. The man, who sought political asylum in France, escaped in 2020 by evading notice of law enforcement agencies. Before leaving, he spread various propagandas expressing his fear of falling prey to forced disappearance.

Pinaki Bhattacharya has been sharply critical of various provisions of traditional religion on his own YouTube channel. He is trying to spread hatred against followers of traditional religion by taking a stand in favour of cow-killing.

Pinaki, who mocks Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has publicly opposed the trial of the perpetrators of the 1971 wartime crimes. He criticises law and mocks convictions of war criminals and contempt of court.

Pinaki Bhattacharya has called for a boycott of the mass procession and the celebration of the Bengali New Year, the Pahela Boishakh.

Pinaki harshly rebuffs police’s anti-drug drives in 2018. He described killing of criminals in gunfight with police as “extrajudicial killing” and supported drug traffickers. During quota reform and safe road movements, he instigated tender-hearted children of schools and colleges to take to the street endangering their lives.

He was summoned by law enforcement agencies on August 5, 2018 due to his controversial activities. And he voluntarily went into hiding. He secretly crossed the border into Bangkok in January 2019 and fled to France to seek political asylum. From France, he is constantly spreading hatred against religion, culture of the country, government, army and Bangabandhu family. He is trying to question issues like independence, sovereignty, national flag and national anthem.

Pinaki joked about the creator in February 2013 series of his “Conversations with God”. He also spoke in favour of killing blogger Asif and Abhijit Roy.

Addressing Pinaki, one blogger wrote on Muktamana blog, “Pinaki Bhattacharya, you can be a believer in any legitimate political doctrine. That is your democratic right. I have no say in that. You are a two-faced character. You are a Hindu by birth but you claim to be an agnostic (agnosticism is a doctrine or an idea made up of a number of arguments. It is not a religion.  It neither denies nor acknowledges the existence of God). You did not convert to Islam, but wear a beard, put on hat and Punjabi. Citing the example of Raja Ram Mohan Roy,  you tend to say that madrasa education is superior. But you don’t send your children and relatives to pursue madrasa education. You and your family have not converted to Islam despite the fact that Islamic education is so good. None of them came to the path of light. On the other hand, you are in an open relationship without following the religious rites of marriage, which of course you can do as an agnostic. You appreciate the Islamic way but it has no application in your own life!”

Writer Sheikh Taslima Moon wrote on a website called the Women’s Chapter, “Pinaki understands that fundamentalism is a rising force in the region. Whichever government comes, it is not possible for them to continue power without rubbing oil on their feet.

They are the main force. So, Pinaki has analysed that his power and strength are stronger than any government in Bangladesh. The government will go, the government will change, but their power will only continue to grow and this is the main source of all his courage. Pinaki is the name of dishonesty and a terrible terror to us. He has created a circle consisting of the people who have become a threat to the country’s free-thinking practices and democracy. … and Pinaki, I’ll tell you, the only vampire doesn’t have a conscience. But humans have a conscience. I know that what you are doing is a deliberate decision of your cold head. By doing this game, you feel an ugly joy inside you. But I believe, all games have an end. The games are over at a certain point of time. We are also watching you with interest. Remember, no one is above conscience and judgment at the end of the day. “ According to analysts, Pinaki Bhattacharya is abusing Hindu name in an attempt to gain support for extremists like Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

He tries to create an impression that a Hindu is supporting the militants on objective point of view. This is just a ploy of the extremists. The statements he preaches have no reflection in real life.

Taj Hashmi

Taj Hashmi is a refugee without the address of his father and grandfather in Bangladesh. With mysterious origin, Taj Hashmi lives at Montreal in Canada. He claims that he was born in Assam. He passed matriculation from Sirajganj BL College and later got admitted to Dhaka College.

Taj Hashmi, who claims to have an honours and masters from the Department of Islamic History and Culture at Dhaka University, is now a deadly negative analyst of various Facebook-YouTube-based channels. This person is always active in obstructing the development of the country, spreading religious incitement and destroying the communal harmony of the country.

Many call him a paid agent of Pakistan or a ‘Paki Dalal’. Before independence, he moved to Rawalpindi in Pakistan. Opposing the country’s independence, the self-proclaimed pundit has taken a public stand in favour of war criminals in Canada.

Analysts say Taj Hashmi, a supporter of the Salafi ideology, acts as an agent for the spread of militancy and ISIS ideology in the country. He is trying to gain support for militancy by writing on Facebook, quoting various statements by Afghan extremist Jamal al-Din Afghani.

Evidence of Taj Hashmi’s distorted mentality and religious incitement can be seen in a few recent quotes on his own Facebook page. He mocked Mufti Kazi Ibrahim, who was arrested on September 30, as a “comedian” on his Facebook page. On May 11, he wrote, “Azhari and Kazi Ibrahim are inciting persecution of women in the name of Waz with obscene and bizarre statements.”

Taj slammed the Prime Minister’s speech on September 26 as “useless speech”.

On his Facebook page on July 4, he lashed out at the war crimes tribunal under the headline ‘Some old talk about the so-called war criminal tribunal’. Criticising Ganajagaran Mancha on July 1, he wrote, “Innocent people like Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami, Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury and Quader Mollah have been hanged.”

On May 10, he criticised the Prime Minister and wrote, “Hasina is not forgiven even in the court of Allah!” On May 7, he wrote “90 percent of the people engaged in prayers and fasting are great thieves.”

On May 4, 2013, he wrote, “On the night of May 5/6, 2013, 300 Hefazat workers went missing due to an act of the government. The tamarind lord (Allama Ahmad Shafi) forgot the issue taking bribes. But the nation forgot the issue without taking anything!” On April 26, he issued a statement to boycott products of Beximco.

Taj Hashmi wrote on his Facebook page on April 26 to spread adultery, “People in very hot or cold countries have more sexual arousal (as per science). So, they can marry two, three or four! Have the girls of those countries had less sexual arousal? Asking scientists.”

This corona will hasten the downfall of Hasina, her downfall is inevitable,” he wrote on April 22 in a show of anger against the government.

On April 17, he wrote to provoke the common people against the government, “Misogyny, the Saudi dynasty, the Hasina government and Indian friends cannot be good people.”

“Dr. Hasina. No one says that she was the first to buy fake honorary doctorates from abroad with the money of the country!” he wrote on April 13.

On April 7, he wrote “Hasina abandoned friends like old shoes after her purpose is over.”

These are just a sample of Taj Hashmi’s religious incitement and political hatred. No one in his family is known to have ever worn the veil. That Culprit is now making negative comments about hijab and veil. He tried to malign Bangladesh foreign minister by writing an open letter. He raised many absurd questions and tried to tarnish his image internationally.

Taj Hashmi took part in the analysis on the infamous YouTube based channel Nagorik TV along with two other culprits Tito Rahman and Nazmus Shakib who are in Canada.

He made indecent, false and bizarre remarks on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangabandhu family, established businessmen and industrial groups.

Asked about Taj Hashmi, a senior intelligence official said “This man named Taj Hashmi has a sick brain. He is going crazy on social media and various talk-shows. Without considering class of people, the talk-show organisers are giving him the title of big analyst or intellectual. Taj Hashmi is trying to spread religious incitement and gain support for extremism.”

Source: The Daily Sun

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