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PM’s 23 directions for safe roads not been implemented: Ilias Kanchan

by tbhdesk

Renowned actor and road-safety campaigner Ilias Kanchan has said a toral of 23 directions of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina have not been implemented in the country.

“Our prime minister has given at least 23 directions on different occasions to reduce road accident in the country but those have not been implemented,” Kanchan said while addressing a programme in Dhaka on Sunday.

Alongside these, the United Nations has also come up many recommendations to reduce road accident but those have not also been implemented in the country, he said.

“We will have to make people aware in using roads and we have to adopt some strategies to make the efforts successful,” said the road safety campaigner.

Expressing his grave concern over the increasing trend of the road accident, Kanchan said people have no adequate knowledge on how to make the country’s roads safe and secured.

“I personally think that if the authorities can introduce a course on traffic engineering at all educational institutions including universities and schools then the spate of road accidents can be reduced,” he said.

Despite the enactment of the Road Transport Act in 2018, its full implementation has been agonisingly slow, leaving a trail of uncertainty and inadequate protection for road users.

In 2021, the victims of road accidents increased further with 6,284 people killed in 5,371 accidents.

Then, last year, 6,829 accidents killed 7,713 people, and from January to September this year, 4,227 road accidents killed 4,346 people’.

Source: The Daily SUN.

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