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PM stresses strengthened global solidarity, coordinated response to address crisis

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today laid emphasis on strengthening global solidarity and adopting coordinated response to address crisis as she placed four recommendations in this regard joining the G20 Summit here.

“Here G20 and international financial institutions have crucial role to play, and Bangladesh is ready to support their efforts for tailoring actionable recommendations to tackle the crisis,” she said in her first recommendation addressing “One Earth” session in the summit.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is attending the summit at Bharat Mandapam Convention Centre of Pragati Maidan at the invitation of her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi.

The premier secondly said bold, concrete and concerted actions must be taken at the global level for ensuring global peace and stability for greater benefit of humanity.

“All major economies should act upon their due responsibilities, for the cause of global development,” she said.

Thirdly, as a member of Troika of Climate Vulnerable Forum, she urged all to operationalise Loss and Damage Fund as early as possible for creating additional financing mechanisms to address climate induced migration.

She added: “In the upcoming COP28, I would urge all to emphasize the implementation of the fund for loss and damage with accountability and transparency.”

The Bangladesh premier, finally, opined that all human beings should have equal rights to live decent life.

“The global community must not forget ensuring return of the unfortunate Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals to Myanmar and must continue their humanitarian support,” she said.

“We look forward to working with G20 partners to strengthen and save our Earth. We need to recommit ourselves to take care of each other and our Mother EARTH,” she continued.

The prime minister placed the recommendations as one of the Champions of UN Secretary General’s Global Crisis Response Group, constituted in 2022.

While addressing the session, she also said, “We want a global order which should pave solutions to poverty alleviation, mitigating climate change effects, preventing conflicts, and financing technological transfer for a knowledge-based society.”

The premier said this summit is taking place at a time when “our Mother Earth” is impacted by multiple crises of climate change, COVID-19 pandemic, and challenges of sanctions and counter-sanctions.

“These challenges make it imperative for all to embrace the vision of one community with shared future for mankind, for peace and development,” she noted.

She added that the reality is humans and our Mother Earth can exist only by mutual support.

“Therefore, our development endeavors are focused on green and sustainable development,” she said, adding “now, we are also taking circular economy approaches.”

Bangladesh, despite making a negligible contribution to global climate change, has suffered the most as a victim of its consequences, she went on saying.

According to World Bank’s Groundswell Report 2021, impacts of climate change may drive 13.3 million people from their usual habitats by 2050.

Though Bangladesh has little scope for mitigation, Sheikh Hasina said it has undertaken many transformative measures to tackle perilous impacts of climate change consistent with implementing the Paris Agreement, and achieving the SDGs.

In this connection, she said that in 1997, she initiated a project named Ashrayan, or shelter for homeless.

Under this initiative, till August this year, she mentioned her government rehabilitated nearly 840,000 landless and homeless families with houses and land at free of cost.

“Our target is to have Bangladesh free of homeless and landless people,” the prime minister said.

Mentioning that Bangladesh is known for “Role Model for Disaster Management”, she said they have made robust gains in disaster preparedness and climate adaptation.

For disaster response, her government has built 4,530 cyclone shelters, while is now constructing 550 more cyclone shelters called “Mujib Killas” on raised grounds for multiple uses.

She said that “We’ve launched ‘Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan’ to put Bangladesh from vulnerability to resilience to climate prosperity”.

Sheikh Hasina said her government has formulated long-term Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 with the aim of building a resilient and prosperous delta for its future generations.

“In 2022, my government launched the National Adaptation Plan, with a projected need for US$ 230 billion by 2050. We urge active support from developed nations in this regard,” she added.

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