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How much toll do you have to pay to use Dhaka Elevated Expressway?

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Tolls for small vehicles are a minimum Tk100 and for large ones up to Tk625
Tolls for partial and entire expressway

The Dhaka Elevated Expressway (Airport-Jatrabari) toll rates have been fixed, ranging from a minimum of Tk100 to a maximum of Tk625.

These tolls are applicable to various types of vehicles, including light vehicles such as private cars, jeeps, microbuses, taxis, and vehicles with more than six wheels.

Authorities have categorized vehicles into four groups for toll calculation on the 19.73-kilometer-long Dhaka Elevated Expressway.

As per the Bangladesh Bridge Authority, the toll for light vehicles is set at a minimum of Tk100, payable when either boarding or partially using the expressway. However, if light vehicles utilize the entire expressway, the toll rises to Tk125.

Buses using a part of the expressway will be charged Tk200, while those utilizing the entire stretch will incur a toll of Tk250.

For medium-sized trucks (up to six wheels), the toll is Tk400 for partial usage and Tk500 for the entire expressway.

Big trucks with more than six wheels will pay Tk500 for partial use and Tk625 for full use of the expressway.

Additionally, the maximum permissible speed on the expressway has been capped at 80km per hour. However, motorcycles, CNG-powered auto-rickshaws, and vehicles with two or three wheels will not be permitted on the elevated expressway.

Addressing this matter, Dhaka Elevated Expressway Project Director AHMS Akhtar mentioned that the toll rates have been finalized, pending the government’s official launch decision. The project’s investors will collect tolls from the expressway for a period of 21.5 years.

Furthermore, it has been indicated that the toll rates may see adjustments during the course of the expressway’s operation, as per statements made by Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader.

In a press conference at Setu Bhaban in the capital on Monday, Quader stated that the inaugural part of the expressway, spanning from the airport to Farmgate, is scheduled for inauguration on September 2 by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. This section covers a mainline distance of 11.5km and boasts a total of 15 ramps, of which 13 are accessible.

Quader also noted that the expressway’s speed limit has been fixed at 60km, facilitating a 10-minute journey from the Airport to Farmgate. However, pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles will not be allowed on the elevated expressway initially.

The Dhaka Elevated Expressway, with a length of 19.73km, is estimated to cost Tk8,940 crores. The project is currently 65% completed, and it is projected to conclude on June 2 next year.

Source: Dhaka Tribune.

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