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Govt measures boost ilish production in Khulna

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115 tonnes of ilish in 2006-2007
2,555 tonnes in the current 2022-23 fiscal years
Production increased due to a two-month ban on fishing

Ilish production has increased almost 22 times in the past 15 years in Khulna, thanks to the introduction of different steps taken by the district fisheries officials.

Catching of shrimp and fish including carp, catfish, crab, kuchia and production of dried fish also increased during this period, said experts.

According to the sources at Khulna District Fisheries Office, the production of ilish has increased due to the effective steps taken by the government in the past 15 years in the district. As a result, the district is playing an important role in supplying fish after meeting the demands in the locality.

Sources said, 115 tonnes of ilish was produced in 2006-2007 fiscal years but now it stands at 2,555 tonnes in the current 2022-23 fiscal years.

Khulna District Fisheries Office claims that fish production has increased greatly due to the successful implementation of mother ilish conservation campaign and jatka conservation program.

The government also took steps to keep fishing at a tolerable level during Covid-19. During the pandemic, the government provided Tk 14,79,45,000 to 9,863 affected fishermen which played an important role to increase the production of ilish.

Besides, the production of shrimp was 18,255 tonnes 15 years ago while it is now 25,375 tonnes in the current fiscal year.

The production of carp variety fish was 66,265 tonnes during the fiscal year 2006-07 and now it stands at 1,21,750 tonnes in 2022-23 fiscal year.

Meanwhile, the production of crab was 4,250 tonnes in 2006-07 fiscal years while it is 7,860 tonnes in the current fiscal years.

Meanwhile, every year, the government imposes a two-month ban on fishing in the Bay of Bengal, from May 20 to July 23, to ensure smooth breeding of fish, which is also an effective measure to boost fish production.

To increase the production of shrimp, the government has introduced a cluster system and already 94 clusters were made in Khulna district for financial assistance.

Joydeb Pal, district fisheries officer, said the government has taken great steps for the development of the fisheries sector and the pilot project in shrimp cultivation is getting popular.

Besides, the production of ilish also increased due to the government’s effective steps including a two-month ban and food assistance program for fishermen during the ban period, he said.

Source: Dhaka Tribune.

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