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Discussion in Kolkata: Bangladesh-India ties historical

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Awami League joint general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif MP said the relationship between Bangladesh and India is of spirit, blood and brotherhood and this will never be broken.

The seasoned politician made the remarks while addressing a programme marking the 48th anniversary of martyrdom of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the Rotary Sadan of Kolkata on Sunday.

“Our Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman dreamt of building a nation of people of all religions and castes in a non-communal spirit. We, people of Bangladesh, are working towards that goal. Bangabandhu fought and struggled for this goal throughout his life. Bangabandhu wanted this spiritual relationship between Bangladesh and India to grow further,” he said in his speech as the chief guest.
Highlighting the contribution of the people of India and the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the War of Independence of Bangladesh in 1971, Hanif said, “Indira Gandhi’s contribution at that time is incomparable. This debt is not repayable. This contribution has been proven time and again. They sheltered, fed, and trained one crore people. This support cannot be found anywhere else. Not only that, it was Indira Gandhi who called the whole world to create public opinion in favour of Bangladesh, that too should never be forgotten.”

Criticising BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami, he said, Bangabandhu was killed to avenge the defeat in the war of 1971.

“Their aim was to kill him to bring Bangladesh back under Pakistan. Ziaur Rahman was not actually a freedom fighter. In fact he was a disguised freedom fighter. It is proved through some of his actions that he was associated with the killing of Bangabandhu,” Hanif said.

He also said those who were involved in atrocities on minority community in 1971 are trying to resume their old game again but the AL government is trying to prevent them.

“Not only that, there was an attempt to hurt the relationship between India and Bangladesh in the 1971 war, but after when Sheikh Hasina formed government, that relationship has progressed again.”
Expressing his gratitude to the current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi for the development of relations between the two countries, Hanif said, his sincerity towards the people of Bangladesh, especially his mentality and cordiality towards Sheikh Hasina, has bound our nation gratefully.

“We want the two countries to move forward through brotherly relations. We want the blood ties between the two countries to be stronger. We both countries complement each other. We want that blood relation to remain intact. Because we have many relatives scattered in both the countries that relationship is never going to be broken,” the AL leader said.

BJP lawmaker Swapan Majumber, Bangladesh deputy high commissioner Andalib Elias, Bangladesh Pratidin Editor Naem Nizam, India-Bangladesh Maitri Sangha President Shishir Kumar Bajoria and civil society member Abu Naser were present as special guests on the occasion.

Deputy High Commissioner Andalib Elias said that Bangabandhu dreamt the prosperous Bangladesh with his dream of Golden Bengal where none will strive for food.

“Objective of Bangladesh independence was building a non-communal country. Bangladesh is moving forward under prudent leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. To materialize the development strategy, the country needs support from its major neighbor, India,” he said.

Recalling the legacy of bilateral cooperation, Elias mentioned that India extended cooperation during liberation war of Bangladesh with humanitarian effort of former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi.

“We never forget the cooperation that leads birth of an independent country. For this, we are greatful to India for ever. Both countries are going through a golden chapter of bilateral relationship over last one decade,” he said.

BJP lawmaker Swapan Majumder said that termed the assassination of Bangabandhu as a matter of sorrow.

“Bangladesh became an independent country based on language. Former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi extended all-out support for the liberation of Bangladesh that brought the bilateral relationship to new high,” he said.

Addressing the function Bangladesh Pratidin Editor Naem Nizam highlighted the days of Bangabandhu in Kolkata as significant chapter of his glorious political career.

“Bangabandhu began both higher education and politics from Kolkata. Bangabandhu met with Mahatma Gandhi. The great leader (Bangabandhu) participated in a historical event in 1946,” he said.

Naem Nizam said that ‘Bangabandhu’s aim was to build an uplifted country following the legacy of the sub-continent.

“The great leader got the Father of the Nation at the age of 51. He passed away at the age of 53. But Bangabandhu’s privileged daughter Sheikh Hasina is taking the country forward following father’s ideals,” he said.

‘We are grateful to India and Indira Gandhi. Because they stood by us. and hastened freedom. Naeem Nizam also said ‘Our blood relation with India is formed, it will remain in the future. I also think friends can be changed but neighbors can’t be changed.

Shishir Kumar Bajoria said Bangabandhu dreamt a developed country maintaining friendship with all neighbouring countries including India.

“As neigbouring countries, India and Bangladesh maintains strong friendship over the years. India hopes Bangladesh will make further progress in style,” he said.

Another discussant Abu Naser said that the anti-liberation force killed Bangabandhu who does not believe in independence of Bangladesh.

“Once dream of Bangabandhu was faced an uncertainty. Now, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina drives the country to build a con-communal nation. We observe Puja and Eid together. There is no incident of attack on temple now. There is no difference among Muslim and Hindu,” he said.

Source: The Daily SUN.

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