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Bangladesh will return to darkness if AL doesn’t remain in power: PM

by tbhdesk

Prime Minister and Awami League (AL) President Sheikh Hasina has said Bangladesh will plunge into an era of darkness if her party doesn’t remain in power.

“If the Awami League does not remain in power, the country will again return to the era of darkness. But, I know, the people of Bangladesh will not want to go back to the darkness,” she said.

She made the remarks while addressing a reception accorded to her by the US chapter of the Awami League in the Holiday Express Inn Hotel here 0n Wednesday.

Describing 29 years of the BNP-Jamaat governments as the era of darkness, the Prime Minister said they did nothing for the people during the period rather to make their own fortune.

“The BNP-Jamaat clique has erased 29 years from the life of Bangladeshi people. Somehow, the Awami League has bridged the gap of the years by conducting massive development across the country from 2009 to till the date,” she said.

Bangladesh has attained recognition as a developing country during the period due to running the country with specific plans alongside having continued democratic process and stability in the country since 2009 in line with her government’s Vision 2041 mentioned in 2008 election manifesto, she said.

The Prime Minister said her government has been preparing to start its journey as a developing nation from 2026 and for which they have formed a committee led by her Principal Secretary to find ways to smoothen the journey towards development and prosperity.

“I know, if the Awami League remains in power, Bangladesh’s journey as a developing country will face no difficulty,” she said.

Source: BSS

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