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‘Amar Chokhe Ajker Bangladesh’ Video Content competition is going on

by tbhdesk

A video content competition is going on with the title ‘Amar Chokhe Ajker Bangladesh’ on the development and progress of Bangladesh. How has the development of Bangladesh evaluated the way of building Smart Bangladesh, what has changed in people’s lifestyle? You can win millions of Taka by sending a small video about the positive social changes in your area.

Contest Rules:
The changes that have come about in your area as a result of recent developments, and the public benefiting from these change. An interesting video should be made showing all those development and sent to our address. If you send a video according to the rules, there is a guaranteed reward for everyone.

For more details visit “Amar Chokhe Ajker Bangladesh” video content competition facebook page:


What will the participants do in the contest?
1) Your prepared video should be sent to us through this link https://forms.gle/P7pqnXV9fmM1Rt3Q6 or via Google Drive by 20 November 2023. (Access must be public in case of drive links).
2) You must use your own footage to create video content. In that case any mobile phone or camera can be used.
3) You can use General People speech on Videos but speech must be clear.
4) Avoid using copyrighted audio or music.
5) Maximum length of video is 2 minutes.

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