No more additional security personnel for 6 envoys

by tbhdesk

In a surprise move, the government has withdrawn the additional police security given to several Ambassadors and High Commissioners stationed in Dhaka, including United States, United Kingdom, India and Saudi Arabia.

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen disclosed this on Monday (May 15) saying that there is no need for this additional security facility as the environment of the country is quite calm.

“Bangladesh is a very peaceful country and there is chance to shoot anyone in any place,” he said.
Momen said “now everyone seek additional security but we do not see any such situation in the country that may require additional security.”

Russian embassy also sought additional security, but “ we did not give them”. “As everyone (foreign mission) is seeking the additional security, we thus withdrawn from all,” he added.

Momen told a private TV Channel that a peaceful atmosphere is prevailing in the country and Bangladesh is now calmer than any time in the past, so there is no need for these additional facilities.

“Now we need extra police to protect mega projects like Padma Bridge and Metro Rail,” the Foreign Minister was quoted as saying.

However, he said if any embassy wants, they can take this facility by paying a certain fee. “If the need the additional security, they can hire.”

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