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Upstart human rights institutions are violating human rights: NHRC

by The Bangla Herald

The National Human Rights Commission has expressed concern about the suddenly rising and so-called human rights institution and organizations, and has condemned their activities of embezzlement and fraudulence.

“Numerous suddenly rising, upstart human rights organizations have been engaging in fraudulent activities and for a long time. Also, using similar names as ‘National Human Rights Commission’, various fake human rights organizations are deceiving and extorting money from the common people in the name of settlement of matters,” NHRC member Md Salim Reza said this while addressing a meeting of the District Human Rights Violation Prevention and Protection Committee in Joypurhat district on Tuesday, a release said here today.

The meeting was organized as part of monitoring the human rights situation and creating human rights awareness among the common people.

Highlighting the importance of staying alert against these fake human rights organizations, he said, “Everyone should be aware of these organizations. They are violating human rights by using the word ‘human rights’.”

It was informed in the meeting that the Human Rights Commission works independently, taking the help of news and mass media. The fundamental difference between the NHRC and the fake organizations is that, NHRC does not make any financial transactions with anyone for doing its job, the release added.

NHRC Director (Complaints and Investigation) District Judge Md Ashraful Alam, NHRC Deputy Director M Rabiul Islam, Acting Deputy Commissioner of Joypurhat, Additional Superintendent of Police, District Administration officers, Civil Surgeon, officials of various public and private organizations, peoples representatives, teachers, human rights workers and civil society representatives were present at the meeting.

Additional District Magistrate of Joypurhat Md. Mohiuddin Jahangir presided over the event.

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