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Govt to import 52,000 tonnes of onion

by tbhad

BSS, Dhaka

The government has taken initiative to import some 52,000 metric tons of onion from India against the LCs opened earlier in a bid to curtail the price of such an essential item in the local kitchen market.

The Ministry of Commerce has already sent a letter to the Bangladesh High Commission to take the necessary action in this regard.

Besides, all the respective deputy commissioners have been asked to ensure strict monitoring in their respective areas so that onion is being sold at the kitchen market at a rational price.

The price of onion shot up in the local market after India imposed a ban on onion export on December 7. But, before the ban was imposed, LCs’ were opened in Bangladesh for importing some 52,000 metric tons of onion from India. The government has now initiated the process of importing that quantity of onion from India soon.

Talking to BSS, Commerce Ministry Senior Secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh said that an initiative has been taken to import 52,000 metric tons of onion from India as soon as LCs in this regard were opened earlier before the ban was slapped by the neighbouring country.

“We’ve taken various initiatives to keep the price of onion under control. Efforts are also on to increase the import of onion from alternate countries. Alongside these, the sale of onion will continue among the low-income group of people by the TCB,” he said, adding that the concerned deputy commissioners have been asked to monitor the selling of onion at a rational price in the districts.

The Commerce Ministry Senior Secretary also called upon the business community of the country to become more responsible so that the common people do not suffer from the higher prices of essential items.

“It’s not always right that the government will fix everything. The businessmen will also have to perceive that businesses are meant for the country’s people. The Indian government banned the export of onion one day while the price of onion soars in our country on the other day. It is not responsible behavior from the business community,” Tapan added.

Earlier in the day while addressing a seminar at the NBR Bhaban in the capital’s Agargaon area on the National VAT Day, Tapan questioned how the price of onion could rise by Taka 80 per KG in the country within a span of one day.

“How could a trader who sold onion at Taka 120 per KG one day earlier, sell that item at Taka 200 per KG on the next day? It would have taken a lot of time to let the price to rise. But, the businesses didn’t show any morality for being profit-mongers in this regard,” he added.

The Senior Commerce Secretary also informed that the Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection (DNCRP) has been conducting countrywide drives to keep the prices of essentials, including onion under control.

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