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FBCCI chief urges political parties to refrain from ‘intolerable programs’

by tbhad

Staff Correspondent, Dhaka

Mahbubul Alam, president of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), urged political parties to refrain from ‘intolerable programs’ ahead of the national polls to keep the wheels of the economy rolling.

In his speech at the federation’s annual general meeting (AGM) in Dhaka on Saturday, he urged the business community to remain united under the theme “Politics for individuals, economy for all” and propel the economy towards prosperity.

The apex trade body chief emphasised that there is no alternative to ignoring political violence as well as differences and taking the economy forward.

Describing businesses as the heart of the economy, Mahbubul Alam lauded the crucial role that businessmen played in the country’s economic advancement.

He said, “Traders want to operate their businesses in a proper way. A business-friendly climate is imperative for the expansion of trade and investment in the country.”

The economic crisis triggered by global geopolitics has already begun affecting overall economic activities in Bangladesh, with businesses suffering the most in the aftermath, he added.


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