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BNM announces candidates for 82 constituencies

by tbhad

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Bangladesh Nationalist Movement (BNM) has announced the selection of 82 candidates for the upcoming 12th national election.

The list of candidates was revealed through a press release signed by BNP Secretary General Dr Md Shahjahan on Thursday  (30 November).

As per the press release, BNM shortlisted 82 from a pool of 478 hopefuls representing various constituencies of the country.

It said, “Although many of our leaders from most of the 300 constituencies across the country had submitted nomination forms, we finalised the list based on our political ideology. Since we believe in quality over quantity, we selected 82 out of the 478 aspirants from different constituencies following meticulous evaluation.”

The press release highlighted that the candidates were chosen based on criteria encompassing principles, personal character, morals, tolerance, and compassion for the populace, among other qualities.

The party hoped that most of the nominated candidates in the BNM’s list would return victorious if the election turned out to be a free, fair, and impartial one.

Expressing optimism about the potential success of their nominees, BNP Secretary General Md Shahjahan asserted that, given a free, fair, and unbiased election, the party will play a role as a well-funded opposition in parliament with the substantial support of voters.

“We believe that with these capable members serving as the opposition, there will be a significant transformation in the country’s political landscape, ushering in the long-awaited democratic ambiance and good governance,” he added.

Hoping to form a BNM government in future, Md Shahjahan underlined BNP’s plan to build a happy, prosperous, and people-centric Bangladesh.

In August, The Election Commission finalised the registration of the newly formed political party Bangladesh Nationalist Movement (BNM). It has been allotted “anchor” as the party symbol.

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