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AL’s electoral alliance plan is shrouded in mystery

by tbhad

Senior Correspondent, Dhaka

The AL has announced candidates in 33 constituencies elected in 2018 in alliance with the ruling party.

Again, Awami League did not give a party candidate for the seat of a top leader of the 14-party alliance, but did not do so in the case of others. As a result, the alliance strategy of the party in this election is still shrouded in mystery.

Awami League has announced the names of party candidates for 298 seats in the 12th National Parliament elections, leaving two seats vacant. The two seats left vacant are Kushtia-2 (Bheramara and Mirpur) and Narayanganj-5 (part of Bandar Upazila and Narayanganj Sadar). Among them, the current Member of Parliament in Kushtia-2 Constituency is Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JASD) President Hasanul Haque Inu.

Although the Awami League did not announce a candidate for the seat of Jasad president, the ruling party has nominated a leader in the seat of Bangladesh Workers Party president Rashed Khan Menon, another partner of the 14-party alliance. Awami League’s joint general secretary Bahauddin Nashim’s name has been announced in that seat.

Another important leader of the 14-party alliance is the general secretary of Workers’ Party Fazle Hossain Badsha’s constituency Rajshahi-2. Awami League has nominated the party candidate here as well. However, the nominated leader Muhammad Ali Kamal is quite weak as a candidate. Awami League did not nominate the party’s strong candidate Dablu Sarkar for this seat.

A source of the party said that the weak candidate has been given there as part of the plan to give concession to the partner party in Rajshahi-2 constituency. So what will happen to Rashed Khan Menon? Sources have no answer to this question for now.

No decision has been taken regarding the seat sharing of the 14-party alliance led by the Awami League. If they do contest in coalition, some 12/14 seats may be left for partner parties,  another source of the party confirmed while talking to Bangla Herald.

None of the top leaders of the allies picked up their phone. But a source of the 14 party alliance told Bangla Herald that there will be a final meeting with AL soon. All will be finalized in that meeting.

A presidium member of AL anonymously said, Announcing candidates like this in this election may be a part of Awami League’s strategy. Because, if the BNP does not come to the polls, there can be a strategic compromise with many people without a direct alliance.

However, earlier Obaidul Quader, the secretary of AL said, no alliance will be formed if it is not required. “Awami League will not form any coalition against another alliance.”

On the other hand, Jatiya Party’s AKM Salim Osman is the current member of parliament in Narayanganj-5, another seat left vacant by Awami League. He is the brother of Shamim Osman, a popular member of parliament of Awami League. Shamim Osman Member of Parliament of Narayanganj-4 Constituency. He got the party’s nomination for that seat this time as well.

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