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US Citizen Dr. Love’s Letter to Senator in Favor of truth

by tbhad

In a compelling letter addressed to U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, American citizen Dr. Richard R. Love has made an urgent appeal for the United States to adopt a neutral stance regarding recent events in Bangladeshi politics. Despite his American citizenship, Dr. Love’s heartfelt letter emphasizes the need for truth and impartiality in addressing the complex political landscape of Bangladesh.

Dr. Love, who has been actively involved in Bangladesh since 2007, initially engaged in breast cancer research projects before shifting his focus towards establishing a new medical center in the remote village of Rampal. His work there centers on primary care and addressing noncommunicable diseases in a region grappling with extreme poverty and climate change challenges.

The backdrop of Dr. Love’s plea to Senator Baldwin is marred by personal experiences witnessing the political turmoil in Bangladesh. He recalls chilling incidents, such as the 2009 murders of the Director General of the Border Guards Bangladesh and 55 of his associates, as well as encounters with violence, including a Bangladesh National Party (BNP) mob attack on police officers.

Dr. Love’s letter underscores the deep-rooted political struggles, war crime trials, and street violence in Bangladesh, which he argues are partly rooted in the nation’s tumultuous founding liberation. He points out that the United States played a role in this history, as documented in Gary Bass’ book “The Blood Telegram,” which details American foreign policy actions during the West Pakistan-East Pakistan war that led to the creation of Bangladesh in 1971.

The crux of Dr. Love’s letter revolves around two key issues. First, he criticizes a recent New York Times article titled “Quietly crushing a democracy: Millions on trial in Bangladesh,” describing it as biased and one-sided. He argues that it fails to consider the historical context and the violence-promoting tendencies of the BNP, which has been a home for anti-democratic voices. Dr. Love believes it is inexcusable to overlook BNP corruption and violence against the Awami League, including assassination attempts on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Secondly, Dr. Love addresses the international campaign by Muhammad Yunus, protesting “harassment” on tax evasion charges. He believes that the charges against Yunus are substantial and advocates for U.S. neutrality in this matter.

In his letter, Dr. Love calls for a non-involvement approach and urges the U.S. to adopt a neutral stance on both issues. He expresses a desire to hear promptly from Senator Baldwin regarding the specific actions taken to share these perspectives with President Biden and Secretary Blinken.

Dr. Love’s letter serves as a reminder that, despite being an American citizen, he remains deeply engaged and concerned about the truth and neutrality in the ongoing political dynamics of Bangladesh. His plea underscores the importance of impartiality in addressing complex international issues.

Source: Bangla Insider Link

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