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The world must wake up to the truth, not deception

by tbhdesk

For years, it has been clear that the policy of “misinformation” and public discourse directed at the West contains paid Israeli propaganda everywhere

Yes, sometimes the writer who is interested in the political field may fall prey to the Western-constructed image of the Orient and inadvertently make some mistakes, the source of which may stem from their efforts to align themselves with a distorted perception of religion and identity created by the West, catalyzed by their personal biases, interests and passions, and ultimately succumbing to the belief of Western superiority and Eastern inferiority.

This is what Edward Said meant when he said that Orientalism is a tool that has a specific approach to knowledge production in which there is no place for individual action. It is a collective work in which all components of Western society participate. As such, the cultural perception that the “Orient” is backward, exotic and inferior has dominated the mainstream cultural and political discourse in the West.

Yes, values have evolved over time, and this shift did not occur in isolation. As Benedict Anderson pointed out, modern nations did not naturally evolve but were rather constructed based on connections of religion, kinship, language or culture, confirming that modern nations are socially constructed “imagined communities”.

Yes, belonging to the Islamic nations, as well as all modern nations, is a product of such imaginations of nationhood.

For years, it has been clear that the policy of “misinformation” and public discourse directed at the West contains paid Israeli propaganda everywhere.

The West are proponents of the truth… So why does the United States refuse to conduct an international investigation into the massacres that are taking place now against our Palestinian people?

We certainly say enough is enough regarding the Israeli position and propaganda.

Context is essential, and we must restore hope to the millions of Palestinians living under the missiles of the Zionist enemy. This is especially important considering the glaring asymmetry in this conflict – asymmetry in power, asymmetry in mainstream global media coverage, asymmetry in how victims are portrayed, asymmetry in condemnation, and asymmetry in terminology.

The tragic reality faced by the Palestinian people is that they are subjected to the most horrific crimes of murder and destruction, even in this day and age! Despite this, there are Muslim writers in Western countries advocating for a one-state solution, turning a blind eye to the bill of blood and destruction paid by the Palestinians. This proposed political resolution is based on obliterating the Palestinian identity and ignoring the suffering of our Palestinian people.

Yes, this writer shows their harmony with the Israeli position, and their harmony with Zionism, which has become an over-exhausted ideological image.

Yes, the writer confirms Hamid Dabashi’s question: “Can non-Europeans think?” They write, but their narratives parrot the Western worldview and are devoid of their own personality and lack full awareness of their religious and national identity.

Yes, when the writer asks why the Palestinians and Israelis don’t agree, we know that he is ignorant of the roots of this conflict, and ignores the suffering of the Palestinian people who have been under occupation for more than 75 years.

Yes, we are under the threat of the Western and Euro-centric intellectuals and those who are influenced by them.

We are under the threat of “Cyanim” (those who assist the Zionist project) but no one is ignorant of them today.

Yes, we learned that justice is not given to those who remain silent. Our Palestinian people deserve justice, not continuous displacement.

Yes, after more than 8,000 martyrs, the world must wake up to the truth, not deception.

My friend, journalist, writer, intellectual, and academic… Be careful to stand with the truth and show respect to your people from all walks of life.

We’ve observed the widespread support for our Palestinian brothers and sisters in both the public and governmental spheres in Bangladesh, with solidarity marches that are as strong and numerous as those seen globally.

And now, in the face of unspeakable evil, unrelenting hatred, and sheer madness that continue to claim countless innocent lives, we must unite with unwavering resolve. We must confront the darkest forces threatening the very essence of humanity, particularly the plight endured by our Palestinian people.

Yousef SY Ramadan is the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Bangladesh

Source: Dhaka Tribune.

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