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No decision yet on expelling independent candidates: Quader

by tbhad

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Ruling Awami League has not yet made any decisions regarding the expulsion of leaders who are running in the election as independent candidates, says its general secretary Obaidul Quader.

Speaking at a press briefing in Dhanmondi on Sunday afternoon, Quader said, “Have we declared to expel those who are running independently in the election? No decision has been taken yet in Awami League in this regard.”

He slammed the de facto opposition BNP for its current course of politics and urged them to move away from negativity.

Quader claimed that many BNP leaders want to get rid of their “negative politics” and it is proven through the fact that “many are taking part in the election”.

“Not only Shamsher Mobin Chowdhury or Taimur Alam Khandaker, we had a thought that many (politicians) like Maj Gen (retd.) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim will come forward. Now, a good sense has developed in many of them, and they no longer want to harm their political careers through engagement with the BNP’s negative politics. They have started returning to the sound and normal political course,” he added.

The Awami League leader also appreciated the election commission’s recent moves, including the recent reshuffle in local and police administration.

“Disciplinary or other actions, transferring government officials – all these are being done neither by the Awami League nor the prime minister, rather these are by the election commission,” he added.

Noting that some 29 registered political parties are joining the election, the AL leader asked why the polls would be unfair and one-sided only due to the absence of the BNP.

He urged the acting chairman of BNP, Tarique Rahman, to take to the field if he is courageous enough to do politics.

“I would like to tell Tarique Rahman, if you have courage, want to do politics, let’s take to the field. We are a rival political party but have never considered you a foe, have never conspired to kill Khaleda Zia, or Ziaur Rahman. We do not believe in the politics of murder and conspiracy. If you have courage, why don’t you come here? Staying in London, you will lead a movement here? You will lose leaders and activists due to this faulty politics,” he added.

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