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Jatiya Party sent two different letters to EC

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Two separate letters have been sent from Jatiyo Party to the Election Commission (EC) ahead of the 12th National Assembly elections. One was sent by party’s main patron and opposition leader Roshan Ershad. The other one was sent by the general secretary of the party, Mujibul Haque.

In a letter written to the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), Jatiyo Party Secretary General Mujibul Haque said that Chairman Golam Mohammad (GM) Quader will nominate candidates and allocate symbols as the person empowered to elect their party’s nominee for the post of Member of Parliament.

On the other hand, the letter given by Rowshan Ershad said that the Jatiya Party has decided to compete in the election as a partner party of the Awami League-led Grand Alliance like in the previous three parliamentary elections. It will be an electoral alliance only. After the election, the elected parliamentarians of the Jatiya Party will follow the party decision. In this election, the nominated candidates of the Jatiya Party can choose the party symbol ‘Langol’ or the grand alliance as per the candidate’s wish.

There is a provision to apply to the Election Commission within three days of the announcement of the schedule if any party participating in the parliamentary elections wants to use the symbol of the allied party. The schedule of the 12th National Assembly elections was announced last Wednesday. As such, Saturday was the last time to inform the EC in this regard.

On the other hand, the political parties have to inform the EC in writing about whose signature the nominees of the registered political parties will be nominated. The EC has sent letters to the parties informing them of this within seven days of the announcement of the schedule. In response to this letter, it is said in the letter given by JPA General Secretary that the candidate of Jatiya Party will be nominated by their party chairman GM Quader. Name, designation and sample signature of GM cadre as authorized are also sent.

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