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Huge number of votes will be cast in upcoming election: Momen

by tbhad

UNB, Dhaka

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen has expressed hope that a huge number of votes will be cast in the upcoming national election set to be held on January 7 next year.

Talking to journalists after submitting his nomination paper as a candidate of the Sylhet-1 constituency in the district returning officer’s office, the minister said, “The huge number of votes will make the parliamentary  polls fair and acceptable.”

“It doesn’t matter who participates in the election or who doesn’t. Only the people’s support matters,” said the foreign minister.

Momen said, “The election festival has already begun across the country. People want peace and development. They want the development trend under Sheikh Hasina to continue.”

Commenting on BNP’s persistent blockades and hartals, Momen said  BNP is setting an example by hiding in the darkness and committing arson violence.

He, however, stressed that the movement will not affect the upcoming parliamentary election.

He called on the people to come to the polling centres on election day and vote for Awami League.

Expressing optimism about his victory, the foreign minister said, “I have implemented a lot of development projects [in Sylhet]. There’s a lot more to do. Many more projects are underway. I firmly believe that the people of Sylhet will elect me again, like in the past, to implement them.”

Meanwhile, Momen called on the party leaders who are submitting nominations as independent candidates to withdraw their nominations and work for the party-nominated candidates.

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