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EC directs returning officers to uphold impartially

by tbhad

UNB, Dhaka

The Election Commission has directed the returning officers to take a number of steps for upholding the commission’s neutrality and acceptance before all.

The steps include protection of impartiality in election from any quarter’s influence and interference as well as motivating the voters to exercise their franchise in the upcoming national election.

The directive was made in the notification no-9 issued on Sunday over the 12th parliamentary election slated for January 7.

“In line with laws, rules and code of conduct, it’ll have to be ensured so that any sort of influence or inference of any vested quarter can’t damage the neutrality of the election,” said the notification.

The EC also asked for steps so that the election officers concerned with a sensitive and important function like elections shall not do any act which humiliates them before the competent authority or the local people as well as they should follow and apply the laws and rules properly to prevent creation of a perception that they are partial.

The EC said the district administration and upazila administration should encourage everyone to vote by arranging joint meetings of local people in their respective areas. In this regard, the field administration was asked to maintain contact with the local political leaders.

The commission directed for intensive patrolling by the mobile teams of the enforcement agencies to create a congenial atmosphere for the voters to come to the polling stations smoothly and comfortably to cast their votes.

The EC asked the returning officers to beef up security for vulnerable areas and important polling stations, and make strict orders for the law enforcers to stay vigilant to prevent any kind of evil activities.

The commission asked for a massive campaign to inform the people about the location of polling stations.

Besides, the returning officers were asked to form a vigilance and observation team composed of local officials of various departments in their respective district and metropolitan areas so that the election will be held in free, fair and neutral manners and this neutrality will be visible to the people.

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