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Cyclone Remal: 15 more deer carcasses recovered from Sundarbans

by The Bangla Herald

Forest officials have recovered 15 more deer carcasses from different areas of the Sundarbans during last 24 hours aftermath of the severe cyclone ‘Remal’ swept over the country’s coastal districts.

Earlier, the forest officials recovered 40 deer and one wild boar carcasses. As a result, a total of 55 deer carcasses and one wild bear, so far, recovered, Mihir Kumar Doe, Conservator of the Forest (CF) department in Khulna circle confirmed the figure to today.

The violent storm destroyed massive infrastructures, huge trawlers and numerous trees, washed away water basins and intruded saline water into over 80 sweet water ponds, destroying the abode of the wild animals, said the forest officials.

He said that the forest employees, Bawalies, fishermen and wildlife are now facing for sweet drinking water. Huge trees and wildlife fear risks as hundreds of kilometers of forest were inundated due to 8-10 feet tidal wave surges in the Sundarban while ‘Remal was crossing.

The CF further said that freshwater ponds within the Sundarbans have been submerged by water due to high tides of 8-10 feet.

As a result, forest workers and wild animals, including tigers and deer, are facing a shortage of fresh water. There have also been reports of wildlife being swept away by high tides.

Mihir Kumar Doe warned that besides the deer, more wild animals might have died and forest guards are actively searching for these animals.

The cyclone has also damaged various infrastructures of the Karamjal Wildlife Breeding and Tourism Center in the East Sundarbans.

Since Sunday afternoon, Cyclone Remal’s rampage and tidal waves have caused significant damage to the wildlife of the Sundarbans,” Mihir Kumar Doe said.

Massive infrastructure, trees and ponds were damaged primarily worth about Taka 6.27 crore, he added.

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