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Hollywood actors call for Middle East ceasefire

by tbhdesk

A-list Hollywood celebrities including Cate Blanchett, Joaquin Phoenix, Ramy Youssef and Andrew Garfield penned a letter to US President Joe Biden on Friday, urging him to call for a ceasefire in Israel’s war with Hamas.

Dozens of top-flight names from the world of entertainment asked Biden to work to achieve an “immediate de-escalation and ceasefire in Gaza and Israel before another life is lost.”

“We urge your administration, and all world leaders, to honor all of the lives in the Holy Land and call for and facilitate a ceasefire without delay — an end to the bombing of Gaza, and the safe release of hostages,” said the letter, released by artists4ceasefire.org.

“Saving lives is a moral imperative.”

Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas after the Islamist group launched a shock raid from the Gaza Strip on October 7, killing at least 1,400 people, mostly civilians, according to Israeli officials.

In response to the Hamas attack, Israeli bombers have levelled entire city blocks in Gaza in preparation for a ground invasion they say is coming soon. The Hamas-run health ministry said more than 4,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have died in the onslaught.

Friday’s letter, which was also signed by Jon Stewart, singer Dua Lipa, Susan Sarandon and Channing Tatum, comes a week after hundreds of Hollywood figures signed an open letter condemning the “barbaric acts” committed by Hamas fighters.

Source: The Daily SUN.

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