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From CRT to cutting-edge tech: Television still reigns entertainment in Bangladesh

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Annual sales 1.8 million units
Market size around Tk500 crore
Can buy a TV with Tk50 daily installment

The conventional image of a black-and-white TV perched on a corner table or wardrobe is now but a memory.

The box-type television that once rested on tables and wardrobes has been transformed from bulky to sleek, often adorning walls.

This shift is not confined to the living room; television has seamlessly integrated into modern bedrooms as well.

Television remains the primary source of entertainment. Its significance is universal, captivating both urban dwellers and rural communities alike.

The days of old, with Philips and National Television’s box-type black and white sets, have long faded into history. Back then, owning a color TV, from Royal brand, was a symbol of affluence.

Today, the era is one of modernity, marked by an unspoken competition over who can possess and watch the latest in television technology.

The market boasts hundreds of brands and models, vying to offer the latest technology at the most affordable rates.

Sony Television maintains its prestige, while Samsung showcases captivating screen technology. LG, Singer, Toshiba, Panasonic, Hisense, TCL, Xiaomi, and Conca, among others, are also engaged in this race. Notably, Bangladeshi TV brands such as Walton, Minister, Marcel, and My One are making significant strides as well.

From the era of cathode-ray tube (CRT) box-shaped TVs, the transition to semi-flat and flat TVs marked a significant shift.

LCD, LED, and QLED technologies revolutionized TV screens, and 3-D TVs briefly captured the audience’s imagination. The advent of Ultra HD technology could not quench viewers’ thirst, leading to the emergence of Four-K and Eight-K screen TVs.

Cheap pricing
Now, buying a TV is easier than ever, with installment plans and interest-free EMI options available through various bank cards. In Bangladesh, individuals can purchase a television with a daily installment as low as Tk50.

Television industry insiders estimate that more than 1.8 million TV sets are sold annually in Bangladesh, with a market size of around Tk500 crore.

This substantial market features both domestic and imported televisions, with locally manufactured TVs now dominating the scene.

Brands once imported are now produced within the country, and these locally made TVs are even finding their way to international markets. For example, Walton Television is exported to over 30 countries worldwide.

What businesses say?
MA Razzak Khan, chairman of Minister-My One Group, attributes the success of the Minister brand TV to its competitive pricing and high quality.

He noted that Minister brand TVs occupy approximately 15% of the country’s TV market and are available with installment plans as low as Tk50 per day.

Mostafa Nahid Hossain, chief business officer (CBO) of Walton Television, said that Walton TV commands a 30% share of the country’s television market, citing customer trust as a driving force.

He mentioned that the growth in Walton Television’s market share reached 10-15% in the last three months, soaring to 30% in August. Impressively, 70% of Walton TV’s total sales are smart TVs.

Furthermore, Walton TV has been exporting its products since 2017, reaching customers in 30 countries globally.

Sarwar Jahan Chowdhury, General Manager of Smart Technologies (BD) Limited, emphasizes the firm’s commitment to quality through its Genuine-Five (G-5) policy. It prioritizes delivering authentic products and services at fair prices, emphasizing after-sales support, particularly for genuine Sony products in a market flooded with counterfeit and refurbished alternatives.

Source: Dhaka Tribune.

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