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EC meeting with US pre-election monitoring team underway

by tbhdesk

The delegation from the US-funded International Republican Institute (IRI) and National Democratic Institute (NDI) pre-election assessment mission is holding a meeting with the Election Commission (EC) this morning.

The meeting with CEC Kazi Habibul Awal started at 11:00am at the EC office in the capital. Other election commissioners and secretary of the EC also present.

The six-member joint IRI and NDI pre-election assessment mission arrived at 10:45am on Tuesday.
The list of persons from the IRI/NDI side who are attending the pre-election assessment mission (PEAM) meetings with the Chief Election Commissioner is: Bonnie Glick, IRI PEAM Delegate; Jamil Jaffer, IRI PEAM Delegate; Johanna Kao, IRI PEAM Delegate; Karl “Rick” Inderfurth, NDI PEAM Delegate; Maria Chin binti Abdullah, NDI PEAM Delegate; Manpreet Singh Anand, NDI PEAM Delegate; Kregg Halsted, IRI Bangladesh Resident Program Director.

The US pre-election monitoring team is in Bangladesh to follow electoral preparations and conduct an independent and impartial assessment.

Source: The Daily SUN.

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