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Clean-up drive launched in madrasas to combat corruption

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Teachers, principals involved in recruitment, MPO fraud
Arranging child marriages
Grouping culture persists
Engaging in anti-state activities on social media

Following a series of corruption allegations, the Directorate of Madrasa Education (DME) has launched a clean-up campaign at madrasa educational institutions.

The directorate issued a notice on July 18 addressing all madrasa educational institutions across the country to maintain discipline and appointed 22 officers to inspect madrasas on July 31.

Over the past few months, the monthly payment order (MPO) for hundreds of madrasa teachers, including principals, has been suspended and permanently terminated, among other measures taken to combat irregularities.

Yet, corruption persists in these madrasa institutions. Many teachers, including principals, remain absent day after day.

Moreover, some engage in inappropriate activities on social media platforms like Facebook.

Recruitment and MPO fraud
According to sources in the Directorate of Madrasa Education, despite measures against phoney appointments and MPO fraudulence, they had to issue notices against numerous teachers based on various complaints.

A notice was issued on July 11 to the principal of Kotakole Baytul Falah Dakhil Madrasa in Lohagara upazila of Narail, for allegations of enlisting an assistant moulvi in MPO level.

A similar notice was served to cease the MPO of a super at Mohammadia Girls Dakhil Madrasa in Hathazari upazila of Chittagong, following the same allegations.

Notices, issued on August 6, were sent to the principals of 11 madrasa institutions for producing false documents, promoting senior teachers and assistant professors by deceptive means, and facilitating them financially.

On August 16, the Directorate of Madrasa Education sought employment papers from Toke Nagar Darul Hadis Alim Madrasah in Kapasia upazila of Gazipur, following allegations of corruption during the recruitment process.

The principal of Sonamukhi Senior Fazil Madrasa in Kazipur upazila of Sirajganj received a notice to revoke his MPO status following allegations of appointing two teachers through fraudulent examination results.

Furthermore, 59 madrasa teachers failed to attend subject-based training without any given reason, prompting the directorate to issue show-cause notices on August 21.

The directorate further reported that principals, supers, assistant supers, assistant maulvis, and assistant teachers from 22 madrasa educational institutions across the country, were fraudulently enrolled at higher MPO grades by concealing their lack of qualifications.

Following this disclosure, their salaries were suspended, and they were instructed to return the extra money received to the government treasury.

Arranging child marriage
The principal of Huliarpur Jamea Quasemia Kamil Madrasa in Jagannathpur upazila of Sunamganj, Moinul Islam Parvez, faced a notice on June 25 over allegations of facilitating child marriage.

The Directorate of Madrasa Education said in the notice that both the groom’s and bride’s parties were misled with various information, forging age in the marriage contract to facilitate underage marriage.

Not only that, allegations were raised that the principal acts as a mediator in marriages and divorces by deceiving the groom and bride parties.

Grouping cultures
Allegations were raised that teachers at the Islamia Alim Madrasa in Ramu upazila of Cox’s Bazar were unable to withdraw their due salaries due to a prevailing “grouping” culture among the madrasa staff.

To facilitate the release of their salaries, the Directorate of Madrasa Education had to instruct the madrasa’s governing body’s chairman and principal to appear before it with the necessary documents.

Financial misconduct and bribery
A written complaint was filed with the directorate from the office of the upazila nirbahi officer regarding financial misconduct and bribery at the Chapghat Rohimpur Sunni Dakhil in the Zakiganj upazila of Sylhet.

Following the complaint, the madrasa’s MPO was suspended, and inquiries were initiated to ascertain if the MPO would be permanently revoked.

Satkhira Polytechnic Institute’s principal, Abdul Kuddus Sardar, was demoted to vice-principal as per an order authorized by Technical and Madrasa Education Division Secretary Kamal Hossain for financial corruption.

Anti-state activities on social media
Apart from corruption, there were reports of several madrasa teachers engaging in anti-state and misogynistic activities through social media while being consistently absent from their educational institutions.

Therefore, the Directorate of Madrasa Education had to issue a notice on July 18 in this regard.

The notice said that many teachers at the Dakhil, Alim, Fazil, and Kamil madrasa levels are not regularly teaching in their classrooms and are residing outside their workplace.

Furthermore, these teachers have been sharing inappropriate, unethical, indecent, and provocative statements against the administration’s decisions on their personal Facebook walls and various groups in the name of protest, the notice added.

Official statement from the directorate
When asked, Directorate of Madrasa Education Deputy Director (Administration) Zakir Hossain said a clean-up drive is being conducted to ensure that madrasa school principals and teachers are not involved in corruption.

“Actions were taken to prevent madrasa teachers from engaging in recruitment corruption, MPO-related misconduct, and skipping classes,” he said.

“Arrangements for immediate inspections have been made, with 22 officials overseeing the duties,” he added.

Source: Dhaka Tribune.

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