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Those of BNP who cannot accept Tarique Rahman as their leader will come to the polls: Home Minister

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Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said that he has information that those of BNP who cannot accept Tariq Rahman (Acting Chairman of BNP) as their leader will come to the elections. He said this in response to reporters’ questions at the Secretariat tuesday.

In response to a question on whether the election will be competitive if BNP does not come, the Home Minister said, ‘I have information, those of BNP who cannot accept Tarique Rahman as a leader, many are suffering with his leadership, but we know that they will come to the election already. They have also created different platforms to come. BNP’s politics, leadership are not liked by many of the BNP leaders, so they left the party and formed a new party and are trying to participate in the elections from here. We are hearing that many of the BNP will be elected as independent candidates.

The Home Minister said that the Election Commission has announced the election date. Elections must be done at the right time. The people of this country are already in a festive atmosphere. Everyone is thinking about how to pass their candidate. People of this country have no thought or concern about who did not come to the election or who said what.

Stating that the security forces have come under the Election Commission, the Home Minister said that they are performing their duties as the Election Commission asks them to perform their duties.

Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, when asked by journalists whether there is a threat of major sabotage, said that he has not received any such news so far. And this kind of sabotage is not liked only by the people of Bangladesh, no civilized world in the world likes it. The more they sabotage the work, the more they will be plunged into darkness, the more they will be isolated. It will earn more condemnation than support.

It is heard that the BNP will launch a tough movement in the future. We saw that they went to cut the train line, the people betrayed them. They were trying to set fire to the bus, set fire to two of them, then the people of this country caught them and handed them over to the police. This proves that the people of the country do not like violence, they want to see a beautiful environment.

The Home Minister commented that BNP is not coming to the election knowing that it will definitely be defeated. In response to the question whether there is a ‘level playing field’ (equal opportunity for all) in the elections, he said, ‘You wait and see if there is a level playing field or not. Political parties will campaign. It’s not time to get off yet. Everyone will be happy with their candidate. Will march.

Most of the leaders of BNP are in jail – the Home Minister said that as many leaders are in jail, there are specific cases against them. No one has been caught without a crime.

The Election Commission says that if the BNP comes to the polls, it will postpone the previous date (the time for submission of nomination papers, withdrawal, etc.) by keeping January 7 (the day of polling). In response to a question on this, the Home Minister said that it is a matter for the Election Commission. He will be happy if their (BNP) goodwill emerges. There is no other way to change the government except elections.

Awami League is encouraging to be an independent candidate this time. Asked whether there are many challenges to make this election acceptable and participatory, the Home Minister said, “I don’t think there is any challenge.” If no one comes, the election does not stop. The election is done. The Prime Minister said, Awami League is a big party.

Like their supporters, there are leaders and activists. Neither the Awami League president nor the Awami League could nominate everyone. Still, those who are expressing their enthusiasm for the election (to participate), are going to vote, the Prime Minister said that they can stand as independents if they want, but in that case they have to follow the rules.
Asaduzzaman Khan said that there will be no deterioration in the law and order situation. Everyone must participate in the election in compliance with the law and order, following the restrictions of the Election Commission.

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