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Four killed in attacks over the span of hours at Rohingya camps in Ukhiya

by tbhad

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Four Rohingya have been killed and two others injured in separate attacks at three refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar’s Ukhiya in a ‘power struggle’.

The incidents occurred at the No. 15 Jamtali Rohingya Camp and the No. 17 Rohingya camp on Tuesday night, according to Md Shameem Hossain, chief of Ukhiya Police Station. A fourth victim was killed at camp No. 4 earlier in the day.

Three of the dead have been identified as Md Jobair, 16, from the Jamtali camp, Abul Kashem from the No. 17 camp, and Imam Hossain from the No. 4 camp.

The other dead victim and the injured have yet to be identified, OC Shameem said.

Jobair and a few other Rohingya were chatting at the C-Block of the Jamtali camp around 10:30 pm on Tuesday, he said, citing locals.

“A group of 15 to 20 members of the Rohingya militant group ARSA ambushed them, opening fire and attacking them with sharp weapons. Four Rohingya were injured.”

“The incident was reported and the attackers fled when a police team arrived at the scene. After rescuing the victims, they were taken to the MSF Hospital next to the camp and two of them were declared dead.”

Abul Kashem was killed in an attack around 11 pm on Tuesday.

Kashem was called out of his residence, shot by criminals and killed on the spot, Shameem said, citing locals.

Police recovered the body after the incident was reported.

Imam was shot dead at camp No. 4 on Tuesday afternoon, marking the fourth murder in a matter of hours.

Police have yet to confirm the motive for the killings, Shameem said.

Law enforcers have received some initial information linking the killings to power struggles at the Rohingya camps and police are working to identify and arrest those involved, he said.

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