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Arsonists torch 217 vehicles across Bangladesh in the span of a month

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Arsonists have set on fire a total of 217 vehicles throughout Bangladesh in the span of a month since the BNP’s Oct 28 antigovernment rally, according to the Fire Service and Civil Defence .

Shahjahan Shikder, a spokesperson for the fire service, confirmed the count, which included 135 buses, until 6am on Wednesday.

The arsonists also targeted 37 trucks, 16 covered vans, eight motorcycles, two private cars, three minibuses, autorickshaws and small passenger vehicles called Lagunas, he said.

Three trains were set on fire in this period.

The fire service also received reports of arson attacks on police and fire service vehicles and an ambulance.

On Wednesday, miscreants set fire to a truck in Sirajganj’s Kamarkhand Hatikamrul area, a Turag Paribahan bus at Dholairpara in Shyampur, and a bus of Minhaj Paribahan in Gazipur’s Salna.

The BNP, the Jamaat-e-Islami and other parties demanding the resignation of the Awami League government have been calling frequent hartals and blockades ahead of the 12th general elections.

They enforced 15 days of blockades in seven phases and three days of hartals in two phases.

After the latest round of blockade on Wednesday, they are set to enforce a hartal on Thursday.

The fire service said 11 structures, including an Awami League office, a BNP office, a councillor’s office, a police box, a power office, a bus counter and showrooms, were torched during the protests.

However, a previous report by the fire service states that a total of 15 structures were damaged.

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