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University student Khadija is released

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Jagannath University student Khadijatul Kubra was released from Kashimpur Central Women’s Jail in Gazipur. He was released from the prison at around 9 am on Monday and left for Dhaka. Acting Jail Superintendent of Kashimpur Central Women’s Jail, Shahjahan Ahmed confirmed the release.

The Appellate Division rejected the leave to appeal filed by the state against the bail of Jagannath University student Khadijatul Kubra, who is in jail in two cases under the Digital Security Act. The six-member Appellate Division headed by Chief Justice Obaidul Hasan gave this order last Thursday.

After being released, Khadijatul Kubra said to the media, “Today is my graduation second year exam. From here I will go directly to the university and participate in the examination.

Earlier, Khadija’s bail application was rejected twice by the judicial court. Later he applied for bail in the High Court. The High Court granted his bail on February 16. The chamber court suspended the bail granted by the High Court in view of the plea of the state party. Besides, the application made by the state party is sent for hearing to the regular bench of the Appellate Division.

On the other hand, Khadija filed an application seeking the withdrawal of the suspension order given by the Chamber Court, which was heard in the Appellate Division on July 10 with the application made by the state party. On that day, the Appellate Division adjourned (standover) the hearing of the application for four months. As a result, Khadija’s bail remains suspended until this time. In the previous continuation, the leave to appeal made by the state against Khadija’s bail came up in the agenda of the Appellate Division on Thursday. Assistant Attorney General M Saiful Alam heard for the state in the court. Lawyers BM Elias and Jyotirmoy Barua were in the hearing for Khadija.

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