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No scope of getting AL ticket without dedication to party politics: Hasan

by tbhad

BSS, Dhaka

Awami League (AL) Joint General Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud today said there is no scope of getting nomination of AL without doing politics of the party with dedication.

A candidate must have dedication, loyalty, popularity and long continuation in the politics, he told reporters after collecting party nomination form for the 12th general election at Awami League office in city’s Bangabandhu Avenue.

Dr Hasan, also running lawmaker of Chattogram-7 constituency (Ranguniya), said his party has been conducting survey at all constituencies for long and there are many AL leaders in every constituency who are eligible to become lawmakers. So, it is normal that many AL leaders will collect party nomination forms, he said.

He said all can do party politics, but there is no scope of obtaining nominations by the hybrid ones.

About his preparation for the election, Hasan Mahmud said, “I’ve visited my constituency and Chattogram almost every week and I try to do my best to stay beside the people irrespective of opinions. I always think that I was a candidate of Awami League when my party nominated me. But I belong to all people after becoming a lawmaker.”

He hoped that all people irrespective of opinions in his constituency will stay beside him if his party nominates him for the upcoming election.

He said, “Our slogan is ‘youth is strength, youth is prosperity’ and the country would move ahead depending on the strength of the youth. So, the youth would get priority in all sectors, including election manifesto and election activities, he said.

About BNP, Dr Hasan said the train of election has started and now there is nothing to do if anyone cannot ride the train. BNP had missed the train of election in 2014 while the party took part in 2018’s poll at the last moment, he said.

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