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DGHS issues 4-point guidelines to prevent heatstroke

by The Bangla Herald

The Directorate General of Health Services
(DGHS) today issued four-point guidelines to prevent heatstroke as heatwave
grip the entire country forcing the people to stay indoor to avoid the
scorching heat.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. Stay away from intense heat, take rest under shadow.

2. Drink plenty of safe water. Avoid street food and drinks to avoid deadly
water borne-diseases including Hepatitis A, E, diarrhoea, taking bathe more
than once if necessary.

3. In hot weather, wear loose, thin and light colored clothes, avoid dark
colored clothes if possible.

4. Visit doctors, if any symptoms such as stopping of sweating, nausea,
severe headache, increased body temperature, decreased appetite, burning
sensation, convulsions and fainting are shown during this hot weather.

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