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DNCC mayor inaugurates sacrificial waste removal activity

by The Bangla Herald

Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor Md Atiqul Islam inaugurated sacrificial animal waste removal activity at Mirpur Section-2 at 2pm today.

Talking to journalists on the occasion, he said the DNCC authorities took initiative for slaughtering sacrificial animals in one designated place in ward number 3 and four places in ward number 7 under the corporation.

If all slaughter animals in designated place, waste removal activity becomes easier, he said.

As many as 1, 200 animals were slaughtered at four places in ward number 7, he said, adding it helps remove wastes quickly.

Atiqul Islam said allocation will be enhanced in the ward where devotees will slaughter higher number of animals in designated places.

He said over 10,000 cleaners of DNCC are working to remove wastes of sacrificial animals within six hours by 8pm.

“All councilors and DNCC officials are in the field. I will also visit the activity in different wards. My request to citizens to extend cooperation to cleaners,” he said.

One can inform the authorities about wastes by dialing its hotline 16106, he said.

DNCC mayor urged all to slaughter their animals by today or by morning tomorrow to help the cleaners to remove the waste quickly to make the city clean.

Atiqul said the weather is very hot as well it is raining. During this period, aedes mosquito’s larvae breed, he said and urged all to remain cautious.

He also urged the citizens who will leave Dhaka today or tomorrow to keep their roofs, verandas and bathrooms clean as the presence of water-holding containers allows Aedes mosquito larvae to breed.

After inaugurating the waste removal activity, the mayor started visiting different wards.

DNCC chief engineer Brigadier General Md Moin Uddin, chief health officer Brigadier General Imrul Kayes Chowdhury and chief waste management officer Captain Mohammad Fida Hossain, ward number 7 councilor Md Tafajjal Hossain and other senior officials were present during the inauguration of the waste removal activity.

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