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BNP-Jamaat’s call to ‘stand for human rights’ a farce: Sajeeb Wazed

by tbhad

The TBH Desk

Sajeeb Wazed has referred to the ongoing spell of arson attacks that saw at least two burnt to death and scores injured and called BNP-Jamaat’s commitment to stand for human rights a “farce”.

The opposition parties’ announcement — on Human Rights Day — of the 11th round of blockade starting from tomorrow has once again raised the specter of violence and arson attacks on civilians that violates every facet of human rights, added a tweet from his verified X (formerly Twitter) account.

Sajeeb Wazed also pointed out reported arson attacks by BNP-Jamaat men, between 2013 and 2015, in which many innocent civilians burnt to death while targeted killings of law enforcers took a grisly turn.

The post reads: “The deafening silence to offer any apology to families of victims of arson attacks including those who saw their near ones including sons, daughters and parents burnt alive between 2013 and 2015 is a farce on part of BNP Jamaat leadership.”

“The sheer refusal to acknowledge involvement of party cadres in arson attacks and brazen defence for these arson attackers prove BNP Jamaat combine hold no moral ground to preach over human rights,” added the post.

In the post, Sajeeb Wazed also recounted the last tenure of BNP-Jamaat alliance — 2001 to 2006 — that witnessed some of the worst episodes of communal violence including rape, looting, killing and burning down places of worship.

Ahead of the upcoming election, another spell of arson attacks has been waged by BNP-Jamaat activists again that embodies a grim violation of human rights, Sajeeb Wazed’s post observes.

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